Overcoming Trauma: Why Self-Advocacy Is a Must-Learn Skill

Overcoming Trauma: Why Self-Advocacy Is a Must-Learn Skill

February 26, 2024


Overcoming trauma is a multistep process. Sometimes it takes months, and in other cases it takes years. Instead of concentrating on the time spent, it’s important to look at the ultimate goal of healing. 

Personal Responsibility

A lot can be said about the bravery of a person that seeks out a trauma therapy treatment center. It takes a lot of courage to move towards a solution instead of waiting for one to magically appear. Things can also get complicated when you factor in the true weight of personal responsibility. That puts the repercussions of both success and failure squarely on your shoulders. But this is a good thing, and those that are not afraid of the challenge will be more than ready. 

Overcoming Trauma: Why Self-Advocacy Is a Must-Learn Skill

Problem Solving Skills

When a problem presents itself, the solution should already be in the works. Trauma creates several problems that seemingly have no solutions. The biggest problem of them all is denial, which in time can lead to even bigger problems. As you can see, problems have the ability to ‘multiply’ into larger headaches. The best way to prevent this is by honing your problem-solving skills. Instead of thinking around an issue for convenience, you will learn to think through it to completion. 


Effective communication is a key component of self-advocacy. You have to be able to receive and deliver information about your trauma in detail. Leaving others to fill in the blanks with communication is a quick way to frustration for everyone involved. This becomes clear when you seek feedback only to receive unhelpful answers. People that you choose to share trauma with can only work with what you’re willing to divulge. As you become more comfortable and assertive with communicating, these hurdles will become less common. 

Confidence Building

It is a slow and steady process to build confidence after trauma. This is the toughest part of self-advocacy since positivity is the key to success. In some cases, lack of self-awareness can get in the way of progressing confidence. There is no short cut to building yourself up after it seems everything is keeping you down. And this is not a situation where ‘faking it until you make it’ will have a successful run. Before building your confidence back up, practice self-care and then visualize your success. Any setbacks that occur will be a lesson that can be used for future challenges. 

Overcoming Trauma: Why Self-Advocacy Is a Must-Learn Skill

Setting Boundaries

Your boundaries are the line in the sand that no one should cross, not even professionals. This is a crucial part of self-advocacy that should never be compromised! Before you can set a boundary, you have to identify the limits. This is something that can change on the fly, so it is important to communicate this in real time. The more you verbalize what you want, the easier it is for others to respect your decisions. 

Build A Better Life

You are never trapped in a situation that can never be changed. Building a better life starts by putting in the work, even when there are days you want to be left alone. Take the reigns with self-advocacy skills, and never let go of the control.

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