What To Do With Old Baby Clothes

What To Do With Old Baby Clothes

May 13, 2022

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Parents surely have a ton of baby clothes sitting somewhere in their home, waiting for a second chance to be used. Babies outgrow their clothes really fast. 

Whether you’re the type of parent who only sticks to the basics or one who splurges on clothes for their kids, it’s inevitable that those cute little onesies and dresses will eventually no longer fit your little one. When that happens, you’re faced with the dilemma of what to do with all those baby clothes.

What Can You Do With Old Baby Clothes?

So, what do you do with all the baby clothes that no longer fit? Here are some ideas.

What To Do With Old Baby Clothes
A big pile of clean clothes and a child playing with things, mother’s assistant. Baby scatters clothes and plays hide-and-seek.

Donate To Charity

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and this applies to clothes as well. What may be old and unused by your little ones can easily be something very special and useful for others, particularly charities and orphanages. It’s always a good idea to donate those clothes rather than have them sitting in your baby’s closet, collecting dust.

Of course, this is given the premise that your baby’s old clothes are still useful. They’re clean and can be worn decently by another child. You can always arrange for a free donation pick up service wherein organizations gladly go to your home and retrieve those things you’re giving away.

Give To Family And Friends

This second idea works very well for those of you who actually have family members or friends within your circle who are expecting a child. Ask them if they’d actually be glad to receive hand-me-downs from your baby, particularly if they’re the same gender.

You’d be surprised at how happy that expectant mom may be! Even hand-me-downs are precious gifts. Many moms today also think about how fast babies actually outgrow their clothes. If they can save a few bucks with their clothing expenses because of your hand-me-downs, that’s a big thing for most.

Keep For Future Children

If this is your first child, it’s normal for you to still think about having more kids in the future. If such is within your plans, then it’s a good practice to keep some of those clothing items for your future children. As they grow, your kids would even be amused by how they shared clothes that lasted for years.

crop pregnant woman folding apparel for baby
Pregnant woman folding apparel for baby

Put Them Up For Sale

One of the easiest options is to sell your baby’s old clothes, perhaps along with their gear and other baby items no longer in use. Plus, it also puts money back in your pocket.

Nowadays, it’s very easy to sell all sorts of things on the Internet. All you have to do is to take photos of those clothes, post them on sites or the marketplace, and wait for a potential buyer to message you.

If you’re the type who enjoys having a garage sale (or maybe your neighbourhood is having one, soon), then such is another option too. There are a lot of parents out there who buy secondhand clothes for their babies in the pursuit of being more practical and economical, so you’re certain to always have a strong market.

Repurpose Into Small Rags

Depending on how many clothes your baby had at a certain age, there may be some of those pieces which are actually worn out from overuse. Or perhaps you’ve also been blessed with secondhand clothing and now, with your baby being the second user, those clothing items have just seen the end of their life.

For those worn-out clothing pieces, it can be very tempting to throw them out. Before you do, however, check if you can actually cut them into small pieces to repurpose as small rags. They’re not the most aesthetically pleasing, but they still do the job of cleaning. They’re still as useful as brand-new rags, however, given how soft baby clothing is.

You don’t have to display those repurposed rags in your kitchen. Keep them hidden, if you want. 

Final thoughts

Fast fashion is affecting the world in many drastic ways with many clothing items piling up in beaches and landfills, in other parts of the world. One of the contributors to those can easily be old baby clothes, given how fast babies grow. Before throwing your baby’s clothes away, however, think of the many ways you can actually make better use of them. The ideas above are only a few of many. But, they should be more than sufficient to set you on foot this weekend to declutter and decide on what to do with that pile of clothing.

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