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Unsure What To Do With Your Unwanted Baby Items? Read This

February 21, 2021

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As much as we would like our babies to stay small forever, they grow at a phenomenal rate. One minute they are dependent newborns and the next they are walking unsupervised. While this speedy transition is incredible to watch, it also means our babies grow out of things very quickly. From clothes to furniture, your home can easily be taken over by items your baby can no longer wear or use. To stop your home being too overwhelmed, you might need to consider parting with some of these items. But what options do you have? Read through this list of useful suggestions to find out.

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Sell online

Selling online has become a quick and convenient way for parents to make some money from their unwanted baby items. Sites such as eBay allow you to sell and promote your items to thousands of buyers, all from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is set up an account, create a description and upload some photos. It’s as easy as that.

Before selling your baby items online, consider the price you want to sell them for, including postage and packaging. For larger items such as cribs and changing tables, you may need to use a courier service such as Shiply. Do some research to see how much other sellers on eBay and online selling sites are charging to get a clearer idea.

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Donate to charity

If you aren’t concerned about making money from your baby items, donating to charity might be a better option for you. Charity shops are always desperate for baby items such as clothing, toys, and strollers. These stores often sell their products at low prices which can make these baby items more affordable for other parents. So visit your nearest charity shop and ask them which items they might be interested in accepting from you.

Alternatively, you can contact local nursery groups or children’s hospitals to see if they will accept donations too. Knowing that your unwanted baby items are going to benefit other families and organisations can make letting go much easier.

A bedroom with a stuffed animal


If you intend on having another baby in the future, why not consider storing some of your more essential baby items elsewhere. This can free up some space in your home, particularly if you are storing larger items such as furniture. You can then access these items and return them to your home when you need them. Another option is to store these items for friends and family who might be trying to get pregnant. They can then access your storage lot and choose which items they would like.

Get in touch with self-storage companies such as Now Storage self storage in Reading to get quotes on prices. It can also be beneficial to visit the lot before you commit to assess the safety and security.

As you can see there are a number of options you can consider when it comes to your unwanted baby items. Even though you can’t keep everything, it’s important to treasure the memories of your child being so small. So try to keep hold of any items that hold particular sentimental value.

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