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December 8, 2021

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Shackets have become a staple in many wardrobes. They have just seemed to have burst onto the scene as being an in-between option for a coat, cardigan, or jacket. Slightly warmer than a jacket or cardigan, but not as stifling as a coat can be. The perfect option for cooler and dry autumn and winters day or night without you feeling like you are exposed to the elements. 

Shackets come in all shapes and sizes and Femme Luxe has some amazing ones available. They work well for many different body shapes. The fabrics can be slightly different, you might find different textures and patterns, and they can also come in many different colours. It makes it the ideal wardrobe staple item for any personality.

How to style a Shacket

You may still be wondering about some of the best ways that you can style a shacket. What looks will they work well with? I have you covered. I have come up with 3 ways to style a shacket that will work with any situation. Whether you are going out, have a college interview or an important meeting to attend, or just want to hang out with your mates in style, these three options will certainly help you rock the shacket and feel amazing doing it. 

Dress it up or down, dresses look great with shackets

Many will associate a shacket with being a more dressed down and a casual piece for your wardrobe but this is where you can be mistaken. Dresses come in all different styles, and a shacket can work well with many, if not all of them. For example, you might be wanting to wear a knitted midi dress with tights and boots. Pair this combination with a shacket in a contrasting colour and you are ready to go.

You might be in full-on sequins for a special party in an evening. Add a shacket and you are warm enough when you arrive and leave to head home, and it still looks great. Especially if you go for a darker colour or a black for a sophisticated evening look. 

A dress, whether mini, midi, or maxi, will always work with a shacket, and as it can dress down any outfit, it can also work if you are dressed up for a night out on the town. It is a great option to consider. As most people consider wearing shackets for a casual look, don’t avoid them when you want to smarten up your appearance too. A shacket can work well in any situation.

Rock it with jeans and basics for a smart and sophisticated look

A shacket is often considered as being a casual piece, so this sort of look is the one you might ordinarily go for if you already have a shacket in your wardrobe. A smart and sophisticated look that can be the perfect option for meetings and interviews, or heading out shopping with the girls. Team a shacket with a pair of jeans, any style that you are comfortable with, a basic t-shirt or vest, and trainers or boots. Boots will dress up the look whereas trainers will keep it casual. 

Your shacket can be a plain and neutral item down to something brightly coloured and full of pattern and personality. It can work well as the jeans will always tone the whole look down. Helping you to feel fantastic with your look without it feeling overpowering. A shacket can also be a great item to smarten up an outfit for college or even a non-uniform day at school. It is such a versatile option and can work well with any style of jeans too.

The “I just rolled out of bed and look fabulous” look when teamed with loungewear

Finally, the third and final look is one that I think we can all get on board with. Loungewear and tracksuits have become staple items in all wardrobes recently, and they are super stylish, comfortable, and are just a great option for any casual occasion. However, have you thought about teaming a shacket with them? This is the ideal finishing touch to a loungewear outfit combination, it even works layered on top of a hoodie dress. Giving it that whole “I have just rolled out of bed but look fabulous” vibe that I think we would all love to achieve. 

It can work in a contrasting and different colour, or even in a similar tone to the loungewear or tracksuit you are wearing. The texture and material can be contrasting and it can just finish off the look perfectly. Not only keeps you warm while you are out and about but also look great as well. Many people won’t think to team a shacket with something as casual as loungewear, but the contrasting smart versus casual will always be a winning combination and it works well in this scenario. Try it and see for yourself. 

So there you have it, three ways to style a shacket.

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