Chalkola Not a Pinterest Mum craft ideas

Chalkola – Not A Pinterest Mum? These Craft Ideas Will Question That

May 10, 2021

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Walking into a calm and collective family environment, you will find children smiling and crafting away. Painting, creating masterpieces, and having a lovely time doing it. Sat at the side of the children, drinking a hot cup of tea and looking like the very definition of someone who has got everything covered, you will see the Pinterest mum. The mum who can think of a craft at a moment’s notice, create something worthy of display out of a toilet roll, and is always there to embrace the paints, pens, and chalk. 

All joking aside, it has become a common phrase amongst mums today where they will definitely say they are not a “Pinterest mum.” It means that they are not keen on crafts, making a mess, and having endless activities and a schedule to keep their children stimulated and entertained from morning till bedtime. Some mums can feel a little embarrassed by their lack of creativity and skills in this area, but the truth is if you feel that way, you are not alone!

While the ‘Pinterest mum’ is a myth and doesn’t really exist, you can aspire to make some changes to the way you entertain your kids, embrace activities and rid yourself of the mum guilt you are likely hoarding. Without further ado, below are some of the craft ideas that will have you questioning whether you could actually be that “Pinterest mum” after all. 

Craft ideas that can help 

First of all, preparation is key. A great tip is to start thinking about your week ahead and any time you may have when you know an activity will be beneficial. Knowing that you need to fill that time will help you avoid relying on entertainment through screens. Which will help get rid of the mum guilt you likely feel. Here are some of the other things you can do that will help. 

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A crafting drawer

Having a crafting drawer will be an endless pit of activities for when you need it the most if you have some space in your home. Fill it with paint, chalk, acrylic markers, crayons, and other crafts like pipe cleaners and material. Keeping everything in one place will also help you access it when you need it. Another thing would be to have a draw or box that you fill with jars, boxes, and empty containers that can be used for crafts, alongside paper bags, plates, and cups that will provide you with critical ingredients to help your child create masterpieces. 

Save ideas you find

It will also be a good idea to save ideas you have. Such as a Pinterest board for crafts or saving posts you see on social media like Instagram. 

Use a theme for inspiration

There are some common themes that you can look to for some inspiration and ideas. It is perfect when planning ahead with some crafts. Here are some common themes that you could try:

  • What are they learning in school?
  • History and geography
  • Space
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Birthdays 
  • Valentines day
  • The ocean
  • Travel 
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A few ideas to get you going 

Now that you are suitably inspired and you have some experience, then it might be time to start thinking about crafts you can do. Here are a couple of specific ideas to get you started. 

Paper bag monster

Paper bags are great for creating all sorts of things, but a popular one is the paper bag monster. Paint the bag, add the eyes and mouth and see what your little ones can create. 

Paper plate dream catcher

Maybe you want something a little different, so using a paper plate, some string, feathers, pipe cleaners, and beads, you could encourage your children to create dream catchers. They can paint and decorate them exactly how they would like. 

Toilet roll dragon

The toilet rolls have many uses in the crafting world, but one idea would be to create a dragon. Paint the toilet roll green, add the eyes, and cut out the teeth. Then adding some cut-up streams of tissue paper that can act as the fire, and it’s all complete. 

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Think outside of the box 

Sometimes it is a good idea to think outside of the box, so if you can, why not try some of the below ideas? They take minimal set-up, and they could engage your child into a crafting idea that is a little different than the everyday things you might already do. 

Salt paint

Another creative way to make some lovely pictures is to use salt paint instead. It can add texture to a picture and give it a distinctive look. Salt, glue, and watercolours can make some interesting pieces of art. 

Salt dough

A craft idea that will stand the test of time is creating some salt dough. Mix salt and flour in a bowl and then slowly add water. Once you have formed a dough consistency, knead it on the kitsch worktop and then allow your kids to create something. Maybe handprints or a model of some kind. Then bake it in your oven at 180c. 

Plastic bottles fun

Plastic bottles are a great idea to use for crafts, and if you add some glow sticks inside them, then use something like acrylic paint pens to decorate the outside.

Puffy paints 

This is a great way to get creative and do something slightly different from traditional painting. Puffy paints can be created using PVA Glue, flour, food colouring, and shaving foam. You could use it to create posters, decorate eggs, and more. 

Use slime

Finally, if you don’t mind the mess, then creating slime and then letting your kids play with it gives them hours of fun. You’d be surprised how long they will play and mess with it. 

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas on how you can be that Pinterest mum, after all. 

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