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May 21, 2019

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Artists often struggle with the cost of purchasing art supplies because they feel like they have to own the best materials in the market to produce the best art. This type of thinking stalls the starting process and may sometimes even halt it altogether. The first thing to remember is that to produce the best art, what matters is technique and not the material. Having said that, plenty of online art supply stores, like TheWorks, offer quality but affordable supplies that every artist needs. All an artist requires include:

Art and Experience

Writing, drawing, or painting materials

Depending on one’s art, there is plenty to choose from. For example, there is a wide variety of pencils and pens that are used for different things. When buying one’s first set of pens and pencils, it is recommended that he or she start with a kit as it comes with a wide range that varies based on shades and sizes. It is even cheaper than purchasing one at a time. This allows an artist to determine what they like using the most and keep purchasing it thereafter.

Artists focusing on drawing prefer graphite and charcoal as it is easy to erase when they make a mistake. Painters prefer watercolours, acrylic, or oil-based paints. Start with primary colours because they can create any other colour one might need at the beginning. Add more colours once comfortable with more intense colours. They can also use pencils and erasers when they start their masterpieces and use more permanent art materials as they go along. For younger artists, coloured pencils, crayons, and erasers will do just fine.

Painting requires more materials such as paint brushes, palettes, and pastels. Even if one is on a budget, he or she must consider the quality of frequently used art materials to avoid repurchasing them when they can no longer be used. Pick the right brushes for different colours to ensure better results and ease of washing. Start with the basic brushes such as a round brush for watercolours, preferably size 8 or 10, while a filbert brush for acrylics. Learning what works for an artist will determine the kind of art materials they will use.

A wooden cutting board with a cake on a table, with Art and Artist

Paper and canvases

Again, the type of paper used by various artists will depend on various art forms. Children would need colouring books with various subjects already drawn while more experienced artists may need sketching pads to put down their ideas. Sketchbooks can be used for rough ideas that will eventually be transferred onto a canvas.

Depending on the paint one chooses, the choice of paper or canvas will also vary. The price of paper or canvas at TheWorks varies based on size, thickness, and quality, which means that one should always consider their needs before settling on writing art materials.

As an artist, one may want to experiment and practice their art. This may get quite costly especially for a beginner. Only a few art materials allow artists to take their art to the next level. Otherwise, what matters is technique and talent. Starting with a few quality supplies enables one to be more creative, which will come in handy in future.

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