The Most Important Things to Know Before Getting a Facelift

May 9, 2021

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To help answer some of the most commonly asked questions, here is what you need to know before getting a facelift. 

There is so much information about facelifts online and elsewhere that it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. Getting a facelift is a big decision and so it is very important to educate yourself fully on what to expect from the procedure. Facelifts are invasive surgery, so you need to think a lot about whether it is the best option or other less-invasive alternatives.

Getting a facelift

The Most Important Things to Know Before Getting a Facelift

Is a Facelift Right For You? 

Many people have insecurities or self-confidence issues because of their appearance. The impossible beauty standards set by celebrities and the media mean that many of us feel inadequate. If you have deep lines or sagging skin on your face that is seriously affecting your self-confidence then a facelift may be effective in helping to solve the issues and make you feel better about how you look. There are no age restrictions for a facelift, so as long as you are generally healthy, it may be a suitable solution for you. The big thing is weighing up the potential benefits against the cost of the surgery and the discomfort which comes during the recovery process.

Are there any Effective Alternatives to a Facelift?

In recent years, non-surgical facelifts have emerged as a significantly less-invasive alternative to a traditional, surgical facelift. The folks at explain that this procedure uses heat and radiofrequency waves to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Microneedles release heat at the optimal temperature to stimulate collagen and elastin tissue production. Unlike a regular facelift, there is no surgery and no anaesthetic. Many people have found the results to be just as good as a facelift, with sagging skin lifted, and appearing smoother and more firm.

There are usually major improvements around the jowls and upper neck and a significant reduction in deep lines and wrinkles. You may see results within a fortnight but most of the benefits will be seen around four to nine months after the procedure. 

How is Recovery from a Facelift? 

The recovery process after a non-surgical facelift is very straightforward. There will be some redness and swelling for a few days after the procedure but as no stitches need to be removed, there are no real issues. Surgical facelifts have a longer recovery time and due to the anaesthetic, you may feel disorientated for a few days. There can be significant bruising and soreness and after the first week, you will need to have the stitches removed. In general, it is best to take at least two weeks off work to give yourself time to recover.

The Most Important Things to Know Before Getting a Facelift

Undergoing a surgical facelift is a big decision so it is vital that you understand everything which it entails. There are alternatives to facelifts that are less intensive and can deliver similar results. Make sure you weigh up all the options available to you so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

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