How to Turn Your Love of Crafting into a Cool Career

How to Turn Your Love of Crafting into a Cool Career

June 7, 2024


So, you’ve got a flair for crafting, and you love nothing more than to spend your free time sewing, knitting or making cute greeting cards? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend more time doing that, and actually earn a living doing so? The good news? It’s totally possible. Here’s how:

Turning your love of crafting into a job

How to Turn Your Love of Crafting into a Cool Career

Craft Your Brand

First, of all, who are you as a crafter? Are you the eco-friendly upcycler, the vintage fabric wizard, or perhaps the bespoke jeweller with a penchant for semi-precious stones? Pinning down your unique style or niche is like choosing the perfect ribbon for a gift wrap—it ties everything together. Once you’ve nailed this, you can start building a brand that reflects your crafting identity. This includes a catchy business name, a professional logo, and a style that’s recognisably yours.

Sell Online with Style

Thanks to platforms like Etsy, Not on the High Street, and Folksy, selling your crafts online is as easy as pie—a very well-decorated pie, of course. These platforms are brilliant for reaching a vast audience without the need to yell from the rooftops (unless you want to). Make your online shop stand out by taking stunning photos of your products, writing enticing descriptions, and providing excellent customer service. Remember, the internet is your oyster, and you’re the shiny pearl!

How to Turn Your Love of Crafting into a Cool Career
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Hit the Craft Fair Circuit

Nothing beats the buzz of a craft fair. It’s a place to meet customers face-to-face, get direct feedback, and network with other crafters. But remember, when you’re selling in person, you’re not just peddling your wares; you’re selling an experience. Make your stall irresistible with beautiful displays and live demonstrations. Oh, and don’t forget to sort out insurance for events—because while crafting is fun, it’s serious business when it comes to protecting your stall, products, and pocket.

Workshops and Tutorials

Why keep all that crafting genius to yourself? Hosting workshops or creating online tutorials can be a fantastic way to supplement your income and build your brand. Whether it’s teaching the basics of knitting, the complexities of macramé, or the finesse of fine jewellery making, sharing your skills will not only help others get crafty but also establish you as an expert in your field.

How to Turn Your Love of Crafting into a Cool Career

Collaborate and Conquer

Two needles are better than one, or however that saying goes. Collaborating with other crafters or local businesses can open up new avenues you might not have considered. Perhaps it’s a joint craft market, a collaborative collection, or even cross-promotion on social media. These partnerships can help you reach a broader audience and add extra strings to your crafty bow.

Keep Learning and Evolving

The craft world is always spinning with new trends, techniques, and materials. To keep your crafting career as fresh as your ideas, continue learning and evolving. Attend courses, read craft blogs, and experiment with new styles. Keeping your craft sharp ensures your products never feel like last season’s leftovers.

How to Turn Your Love of Crafting into a Cool Career

Turning your love of crafting into a career is, as you can see, totally possible, but you will need to mix your passion with practicality, so as much fun as it may be, it will be hard work, at first, too! Bear that in mind, and success can be yours.

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