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Wetsuit Wonders – How To Keep Your Kids Safe While Surfing

September 24, 2019

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If you live anywhere near the ocean it is a good bet that you have at least seen people surfing on a regular basis. Surfing is a sport that can have a lot of danger attached to it, but it doesn’t necessarily make it unsafe, they make kids wetsuits for a reason. With any sport, there is always a large learning curve, and it is important to introduce children to the sport as young as possible. When it comes to children and surfing it should be all about safety, fun, and the basics.

Wetsuits have been around for quite some time now and are an amazing piece of technology for divers and surfers. It is a good idea to get your kid a wetsuit if you plan on teaching them to surf, as it has some added benefits for your child. A wetsuit is just not there to keep people dry, there are many safety features as well.

Keep reading for some more information on what wetsuits can actually do for your child in the ocean.

Safety Is The Top Priority

All parents will most likely agree that safety is always the most important thing when their children are trying out any new activities. A wetsuit doesn’t have any flashy safety features or hidden technology that is going to make your child invincible. The biggest thing it is going to provide, besides the actual safety features discussed below, is comfort and peace of mind for you and your child. They will automatically feel safer with a wetsuit on as it will feel like an extra layer of protection for them.

It Keeps You Warm

You may not think about getting cold while enjoying a sunny day at the beach, but sometimes the ocean can come in at quite a low temperature. The last thing you want for your child when they are on their board is to be cold and freeze up. This is a safety concern as well as just making their time in the water uncomfortable and miserable. A wetsuit is going to make sure their body temperature stays regulated.

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Added Buoyancy

This may not be a main selling point of wetsuits but they do add some extra protection in the buoyancy department. The material they are constructed from, foamed neoprene, is extra buoyant material that will help to keep your child afloat. Any bit of extra safety you can cram in, the better, so a wetsuit is definitely worth the investment.

More Confidence

Confidence is something that most children need help building up in their young lives. Your child is going to be more likely to push themselves and have fun if they are feeling self-confident. A fancy new wetsuit with some cool designs is going to make them feel like a million dollars strutting down the sand. Don’t forget that safety is also a mental thing, the safer your child feels, the better they are going to do at their activity.

Let Them Surf

While the idea of surfing at a young age may seem dangerous to some parents, there are many ways to keep your kids safe on the water. You need to be an attentive parent and it is a must that you learn all of the safety protocols beforehand. It is going to take a bit of a financial investment to make sure they have all the right gear, but all of it will be worth it when you see them catch that first wave and raise their arms in celebration.

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