Skincare Essentials to Always Bring on Holiday

Skincare Essentials to Always Bring on Holiday

July 22, 2021

Holidays are to be enjoyed and travelling is one thing people do to get out of their normal routine. When you are travelling with the whole family, you all have to pack lightly. However, carrying your skincare essentials is very important because it is essential to maintain your routine when changing your environment, habits, diet etc. 

Mud mask

These face masks purify and thoroughly cleanse your skin, making it strong and healthier. They are essential to prevent the breakouts that usually happen when we expose our skins to a lifestyle change. The gentle exfoliation enhances complexion, improves texture and minimizes the appearance of pores, making your skin clear and refreshed. Many good quality masks are also available in smaller bottles, like the travel size Blue Lagoon products, for example, making it convenient for you to travel with them.

Skincare Essentials to Always Bring on Holiday


When you are travelling to your holiday destination, especially by flying, your skin is likely to get dehydrated because of high altitudes and low amounts of humidity. Always make sure to carry a moisturising lotion and natural moisturising serums, like hyaluronic acid, for example, that will help keep your skin hydrated and replenished, giving it a radiant and refreshed look.

Lip balm

Having chapped lips is never fun, and especially not on your holiday. Always carry a lip balm or essential oils like Argan oil to nourish your lips and avoid them drying up when you are travelling and during your vacation. If you plan on being out in the sun a lot, make sure to apply a lip balm with SPF in it. 

SPF sunscreen

Protecting your skin against the sun is crucial to its health, also in the long run. It is important to do this if you are travelling to a hotter location than your home region. Carry with you a mini SPF sunscreen or face powder that will protect your skin against harmful rays.

Skincare Essentials to Always Bring on Holiday

Face mist

Face mists leave your face feeling refreshed and moistened. The hydrating effect will come in handy when on holiday in a hot and humid climate. Carry a travel-sized face mist and look for those that contain essential oils and antioxidants. Face mists are easy moisturizing products that may be used even when you are on the go. Perfect for on the beach!

Face oil

Face oils provide a calming effect and are important to giving your skin a radiant and glowy look. Use natural face oils like Marula oil that work effectively to protect you against damage from the sun.

Despite carrying all these products and many more, it is also important to drink water often when travelling to any destination. Also, ensure that you clean your hands frequently, especially before you touch your face. Being close to other people and interacting with them directly or indirectly exposes you to various germs. So, make sure to carry a hand sanitiser or wipes at all times.

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