Lost painting Masterpieces Discovered

September 15, 2020

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There is no one perfect answer to the question; “what is art?” However, art is often considered as the process or product of carefully arranging elements in such a way that it triggers the human’s senses and emotions.

Art includes a wide range of human activities, creations and ways of expression, including music, literature, films, sculptures, and paintings. The proper definition of art is always subjective and debatable. 

Lost painting masterpieces

Painting is one of many forms of art that is capable of triggering human emotions and sentiments. We have discovered some of the lost painting masterpieces that could help you with expressing your emotions and thoughts. From John Constable’s Salisbury Cathedral to Casper David’s Friedrich’s Two Men Contemplating the Moon and many others.

Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows, John Constable

Lost painting masterpieces - Salisbury cathedral from the meadows

Salisbury cathedral from the meadows is one of the true masterpieces created by the British art legend, John Constable. Without a doubt, any art admirer will fall in love with the rainbow behind the cathedral, in the painting. The whole canvas is made so prominently and fabulously. 

Many critics also argue that the rainbow could not be there meteorologically. But who cares? All it matters is that the painting is an actual masterpiece. For decades, it had been one of the most loved and admired paintings, that was displayed in the National Gallery, Britain.

The monumental painting has stormy clouds, lightning, and sunshine, all battling over the Salisbury Cathedral. Everything in the painting is carefully composed using various rules and conventions. 

Every rock, tree, and animals are placed perfectly which creates a harmonious yet unreal depiction of the landscape. The picture was exhibited by Constable in 1831 at Royal Academy but never found a buyer. The painting is currently in possession of the Tate, who purchased it at £23.1 million.

Two Boys Blowing a Bladder by Candlelight, Joseph Wright of Derby

Lost painting masterpieces - Two Boys Blowing a Bladder

Crafted by one of the most influential artists of the 18th century, Josepf Wright of Derby, Two Boys Blowing a Bladder by Candlelight is another masterpiece rediscovered by the 1st Art Gallery. The artist was best known for his paintings of candle-lit subjects, and scientific and industrial subjects. 

Wright’s works demonstrated his masterful treatment of light effects. In this painting, the artist portrays two young boys inflating a pig’s bladder, boldly lit by a concealed candle. At those times, animal bladders used to serve as a toy, either tossed like balloons or filled with dried peas and shaken like rattles. 

The picture shows the element of innocence through two children, while the lighted candle refers to the illumination of knowledge. The painting also captures the scientific spirit of the Age of Enlightenment. This masterpiece also often considered as the first pure aquatint art produced in England as it had no trace of the etched outline. The painting proves that Josepf Wright of Derby is truly a genius when it comes to crafting luminous arts and paintings. 

Two Men Contemplating the Moon, Casper David Friedrich

Lost painting masterpieces - Two Men Contemplating the Moon

Casper David Friedrich painted Two Men Contemplating the Moon while he was fairly well-known. As an artist, Friedrich struggled to gain the audience’s and critics’ comprehension. But he continued to paint, not for the approval but according to his own artistic passion. 

The landscape picture, Two Men Contemplating the Moon, captures the artist himself and his friend and disciple August Heinrich. The figures are seen from the behind so that the viewer shall participate in their communion with nature. 

The characters in the painting (artist and his friend) put a hold on their evening walk through an autumnal forest to contemplate the sinking moon and the evening star, Venus. Friedrich often used his paintings to express his feelings towards the Divine, to vent the political frustrations, or to incite nationalism for his country during the Napoleonic War. The picture portrays both the characters as the member of the rebel group who bore anti-Napoleonic sentiments.

Like most of Friedrich’s landscapes, Two Men Contemplating the Moon is rich in its symbolic elements. One of the most important elements is the dead oak tree, uprooted, and gnarled. Many art enthusiasts and analysts have said that it represents the current state of Germany – devastated by the war and the new Napoleonic regime. Similarly, the attire of two characters, the old German dress code echoes the style of the rebellious group who bore anti-Napoleonic sentiments.

The Bottom Line

At 1st Art Gallery, we work with talented artists that can make absolute reproduction works of these famous legendary masterpieces. The Gallery maintains the highest level of quality assurances to provide the customers with the best painting reproductions. We are also the world’s largest art gallery – don’t just take the words, you can read thousands of customer testimonials sent to us by our worthy customers. 

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