Life in Lockdown - Week 48 Roo

Book Series, Snow and Boots #LittleLoves

February 26, 2021

It’s time for this month’s #LittleLoves – I’ve been working so much this month that the days have blurred into each other. In some ways it feels like our week of snow was ages ago but in others, it happened just yesterday. It was lovely to enjoy some fun in the snow with the children, forgetting about all the worries and strains. Simply enjoying the moment and watching the snowflakes fall.

This month’s #LittleLoves…

Life in Lockdown - Week 48 Tigger #littleloves


I’ve found myself drawn to books series’ this month, joining the interconnecting stories over the course of several books. Intrigued about what a side characters story is until they get their own book to share their journey.


I’ve been indulging in my US reality shows habit with Welcome to Plathville back on TV for a new season. I’m always fascinated by how others live and raise their children. I do feel sorry for the children in this family that they appear to be entering the world so innocent and naive to how the wider world operates. I understand that it is their parents choice of how they are brought up, I just hope that nobody takes advantage of their lack of common sense and the way of the world.


The snowfall earlier in the month provided us with lots of laughter. Building snowmen, snowball fights and snow angels all enjoyed before warming up with hot chocolate. So wonderful to listen to the children just laugh and have fun without a care in the world.


The New Look £10 sale on all boots allowed both me and Roo to get some new footwear. I treated myself to some heeled show boots whilst Roo opted for some ankle boots. I had originally ordered a few different styles, however, we ended up with just one pair each.


Not technically my make but one from What The Dad Said who made a few batches of pancakes for himself and the girls to enjoy on Pancake Day. Sadly, I was at work so I missed out on the tasty treat but the girls loved them.


There is light at the end of the tunnel for Roo with the announcement that schools will re-open next month. She has been a superstar whilst learning from home despite her younger siblings attending as keyworker children. It’s going to be very strange to have none of the children home during the day.

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