12 Christmas Movies Perfect for family film night

12 Christmas Movies Perfect for family film night

November 21, 2023

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Christmas movies are just the perfect way to enjoy some family time in December. You can get the snacks ready, the hot chocolates, the blankets, and cushions, and just enjoy some family time while being entertained. Especially if the weather isn’t so great outside.

A family film night might be part of your usual family routine anyway, so a festive treat could be on the cards during the weeks leading up to Christmas. However, with so many Christmas movies to choose from, which ones should you add to the list? With that in mind here are some of the Christmas movies perfect for a family film night. 

Christmas movies for a family film night


One of the most popular Christmas films has to be Elf. It is based around a human baby making its way to the North Pole and being adopted by the elves. Although the baby turns into a fully-fledged adult he still believes he is an elf, until he finds out he has a father in New York. So he goes on a quest to find his dad and gets himself into some very funny situations in the possess. There is also a plot to save Christmas at the end. A great family film. 

Home Alone 

The story of Kevin McCallister who gets left Home Alone at Christmas while his parents and other family members head off for Christmas in Florida. At first, Kevin thinks it is brilliant and embraces it, but soon realises some burglars are on the rampage in the area and he has to protect his home. This is a classic and your kids will love it. 

Home Alone 2

The same characters are back in Home Alone 2 however this time there is a twist. Kevin McCallister manages to make it to the airport with his family this time, but confusion on the way to the plane means while his family is bound for Paris, he is on his way to New York. While having fun in the city he encounters the same burglars as last time and vows to protect the toy store they plan to rob. 

Miracle on 34th Street

There are a couple of versions of Miracle On 34th Street. One was released in 1947 and one was released in 1994. Both films are based around a family where a little girl doesn’t believe in Santa Clause. But soon realises that she meets the real deal and has to help him. A lovely family film that everyone will enjoy. After all, do you believe?

The Christmas Chronicles 

On Christmas eve, a brother and sister, Teddy and Kate,  come up with a plan to capture Santa Clause in a bid to prove he is real. However, things don’t go to plan. After accidentally crashing Santa’s sleigh, they have no choice but to stay up all night helping Santa save Christmas. The Christmas Chronicles is one of the latest Christmas films released by Netflix and has been a huge hit. 

The Christmas Chronicles: Part 2

In The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two a now teenage Kate is unhappy with her mother’s new relationship and decides to run away, only to find herself in the North Pole. She encounters a naughty elf who is trying to destroy Christmas and she, along with some help, now needs to play her part once more to save the day. 

The Santa Clause 

A father and son are settled into bed on Christmas Eve when a noise is suddenly heard from the roof. The father goes out to investigate and inadvertently causes Santa to fall off his roof. He is left with one note ‘The Santa Clause‘ that will change his whole world as he knows it. He is magically recruited to take his place.

The Santa Clause 2 

The Santa Clause 2 revisits Scott Calvin, who is now the real Santa Clause on his quest to find a Mrs Clause. If he doesn’t find his Mrs Clause then he no longer is Santa and the world has no replacement. 

The Santa Clause 3

A final visit to The Santa Clause as he battles with Jack Frost who feels he wants more recognition. Another quest to save Christmas once more. 

Jingle all the way

There is nothing quite like that frantic panic buying when you are searching for THE toy of Christmas and not finding it anywhere. Jingle All The Way is where you follow the journey of a dad looking for a Turbo Man on Christmas Eve which is sold out everywhere. A comedy that everyone will enjoy, and what many parents might relate to. 

The Grinch

Another classic film that you and your family will love is The Grinch. It tells the story of a cynical grump who hates Christmas. He plots to try and ruin Christmas for the whole village but comes up against some battles along the way. It is a feel-good film based on Dr Seuss’s character. 

The Polar Express

Finally, The Polar Express is another lovely family film that is perfect for December. On Christmas Eve a young boy embarks on a trip to the North Pole on the Polar Express. During the trip, he learns all about bravery, friendship, and having the Christmas spirit. 

Hopefully, this has given you plenty of inspiration for a Christmas movie night with the family. 

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