4 Ways to have family fun during the festive period

4 Ways to have family fun during the festive period

November 18, 2022

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During the run to Christmas, we love to watch re-runs of festive episodes from series and shows that we have loved in years gone by (wow, that makes us sound so old). Taking the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with the family fun of Gavin & Stacey, the Top Gear specials and The Royale Family.

It was during one of The Royale Family specials when they head to the Pearl of Prestatyn with the money they got for their golden wedding anniversary. Sharing their holiday with Denise and Dave they all settle in to play family games around the little table in the caravan (which they can’t get a TV signal and has no chip pan). Watching them enjoy the fun, laughter and competitiveness of playing games together had me thinking about how important this is for bonding as a family.

Family Fun Ideas this Christmas

With this in mind, I have been planning the family fun we can have this festive season with the children. Introducing them to some classic board games, having fun with family games, showcasing our dance moves (or lack of them) as well as belting out some tunes. In case you are thinking of what family fun you can have this festive season, I thought I would share with you some of the family fun ideas you can enjoy this Christmas.

4 Ways to have family fun during the festive period
Chess game with figures in the Christmas cap of the tournament – Family fun with board games

Board Games

Is it even Christmas without a family game of Monopoly? There is something about the classic game of Monopoly that really does bring out everyone’s competitive side and can it can go either really well or add in a little Christmas drama. But the drama is all part and parcel of the fun, with the ‘discussions’ starting as soon as the board is set up as to who gets to play with each of the play pieces. Personally, I am the iron, so hands off! Although we are loving the new Monopoly Community Chests that are available this year to add in something new to anyone who already has this classic game in the cupboard,

With Piglet getting older (recently turning six – how did that happen!) we have decided that this is the year that she’ll be introduced to the game. Adding the Monopoly Junior game to our family Christmas Eve Box so that we can enjoy a game or two as we relax ahead of the main festivities the following day. I can’t wait to see what she makes of the game, although I can take a guess that she will be just as competitive as the rest of us, and maybe even more so!

Family Games

Whilst I’m not sure that anyone would class Gooey Louie as a classic family game, it is one that has been around since I was a child (many moons ago). Something that I can remember asking for one Christmas and enjoyed with my siblings, my mam thinking it was disgusting that we were pulling boogies out to see which one of us would be the one to make his brain pop out of his head.

Over the years the family games market has really embraced the fun that families can have plating together. Stepping away from the traditional board game and adding that element of ‘yuck’, silliness and outrageousness too. As well as bringing some TV shows to life, like the Floor Is Lava which is one of the games that the children are hoping for this Christmas after enjoying the show on Netflix.

They have been making their own versions around the lounge using cushions, so I can’t wait to see what they make of the Floor is Lava Game from Goliath. With a range of activity cards that they have to complete as they enjoy the game, it’s no longer about just getting from one side of the room to the other.

4 Ways to have family fun during the festive period
Microphone with Santa hat and decorations on a grey table against blurred lights – Christmas Karaoke

Dance Off

We all have our own unique dancing style, some of us will think that we are the bee’s knees when the reality is that we fall somewhat short, whilst others gain points just for trying. A dance-off is a great way to expel some of that pent up energy from being cooped up indoors (as well as that sugar high from eating chocolate for breakfast). It’s time to switch on the disco lights, turn up the festive tunes or ask Alexa to play your favourite song and get your groove on.

Whether you are a TikTok superstar who knows all the dances to the top hits, a step side to side with some crazy arms thrown into the mix you are bound to have some family fun. Why not load up the Just Dance game on the console or make use of the Shake Off game from IDEAL which is perfect for use during a dance off too. Simply pop on the shake off counters and see who can bust a move the fastest to get their counter to the highest number. If nothing else it will lead to some spectacular dance moves – don’t forget to record these moments, you’ll be chuckling to these for years to come.


Singing is not just for in the shower, it’s time to grab a hairbrush or a karaoke machine and sing along to your favourite songs. Although What The Dad Said likes to joke around with us in the car with this ‘who sings this?’ question and ‘let’s keep it that way‘ answer we know that he secretly loves our singing (I think!?). You can opt to keep things festive with only Christmas songs allowed, or how about sticking to a decade, artist or genre?

If you are looking to continue the family fun with a musical theme, the Gift Republic 80’s Board Game! and the Gift Republic 90’s Board Game! is perfect for the adults to get there teeth into whilst the kids are singing there hearts out.

Hopefully, this will have inspired you to make the most of family fun this festive season. Whether you are staying home, heading out or welcoming others into your home. Have fun, make memories and stay safe.

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