#LittleLoves December 2020

Christmas song, jumpers and one heck of a year #LittleLoves

December 31, 2020

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Time for this month’s #LittleLoves… Despite the month being unlike any previous December, I have experienced. As well as a lull in all the usual festive activities with the children. The month of living life in lockdown has passed me by in the blink of an eye. This is quite sad in many ways, not least as I’m worried that we didn’t get to make all the usual memories we would have made, That being said, I do feel as though we focused more important to us as a little family unit, rather than feeling pulled to complete activities or attend events we might not actually wish to do, but do it out of obligation.

This month’s #littleloves…

Each month I share my #LittleLoves, a chance to reflect on the things that I have read, watched, heard and heard. As well as highlighting what I’ve worn and any other highlights in my life. It’s not about the big things, it’s about all those small little loves that make up everyday life.

Life In Lockdown Week 40 - Sarah Anguish


How do I find the time to read is always something I am asked about. Especially as my goal of 20 books in 2020 is now over 300 titles read. The simple answer is that instead of idly scrolling through my social media feeds I opt to read a chapter or two of whichever title I am reading. My Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle app on my phone allows me to indulge whenever I have five or ten minutes spare. Perfect for when I am on my breaks at work too.


Christmas movies have dominated our family film nights with us tuning into more adult-themed festive offerings such as Bad Santa and Four Christmases once the children have headed up to bed. Alongside this What The Dad Said and I have rewatched the Gavin and Stacey series and Christmas specials. As well as the Top gear and Grand Tour specials which are always entertaining and perfect to enjoy after a long shift at work.


It wouldn’t be December without the Christmas songs blasting out. Whilst it’s wonderful to listen to the tunes from my childhood mixed in with the more up to date versions. Having listened to the same CD on repeat at work for three weeks during my nine-hour shifts. I have to confess to needing to play something different on my commute in order to escape the festive songs.


Despite not having any festive events to attend I have made full use of my Christmas jumper collection. With my festive contract asking me to dress festively – although I was melting wearing them on the shop floor. But it would fun to see all the different designs and seeing others getting into the festive spirit.

No matching Christmas PJ’s for the children this year. A mixture of nit going anywhere to find them in person as well as an issue finding the various sizes meant that I had a dose of mum guilt that they didn’t have them for Christmas Eve. But they did each receive new PJ’s for Christmas so not all bad.


Does wrapping all the Christmas gifts count? Or ensuring that Christmas cards were written and sent out? Besides that I’m not sure I’ve completed anything to count as ‘made’ this month. Although I did manage to donate a few more bags of toys and games to the children’s school for local families.


It’s been one heck of a year, one that we will all remember for a long time. Something to share with any future grandchildren for sure. Whilst there have been many reasons to see the negatives in the year. I hope to take away some positives too from the prolonged time at home spent as a family, resourcefulness for activities, meal planning and such like. As well as returning to employment outside of the home giving me the chance to feel useful and making some small difference.

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