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Reading Lists, Table 19 and Happy Post #LittleLoves

January 12, 2018

The reality of being back at school, nursery and work for a whole week hasn’t quite sunk in. I’m completely exhausted and so are the children. I’d planned a trip to the seaside tomorrow but I’m thinking I might need to postpone and let use recuperate at home.

Time for this week’s #LittleLoves…

A person sitting on a wooden table


Whilst I haven’t actually read anything this week, I have been compiling a list of books I’d like to read this year. A mixture of some classics, along with those that have inspired film-adaptations and I’m keen to see how well they have been transcribed from page to screen.


One night each week Mr. Boo and I try to sit down and enjoy a film together (the closest we get to a date night). This week Mr. Boo has downloaded a film from Sky Movies – Table 19 starring Anna Kendrick. A film that had me laughing, crying and questioning my own friendships.


I’m not sure if it is because I spend the most time with Piglet but she loves to chatter away to me throughout the day. She gets so animated when babbling along with the occasional word that I can understand so I can gauge what she is talking about. Her talking is really starting to come along and is starting to form lots of different sentences.


After all the chaos of Christmas, with decorations, wrapping paper, and cards. I’ve been embracing a more minimal feel to the house. It’s a family house so never going to be completely uncluttered. Although I cleared off my desk this week and only placed the items absolutely necessary back on there. It feels so nice to work in an uncluttered space.


After stalking the Joules sale I finally opted to spend some of my Christmas and birthday vouchers on a couple of new tops. With the ruby stripe harbour top currently fighting the favourited top of the season against a ruby/navy stripe harbour top I purchased before Christmas on their last chance rail. Mr. Boo laughs when he looks in my wardrobe and asks what colour striped top I’ll be wearing today – I do love my stripes though!

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I’ve signed up for an Embrace Happy Post campaign with some of my friends in my computer. Tired of only ever receiving boring bills, mailshots and leaflets through our letterboxes. We are hoping to embrace the love of the handwritten note and send each other some happy mail. Whether it is a postcard that has made us smile, a card to brighten a dull week or a little note of encouragement. I’m really excited to see what everyone receives each month – plus it’s a great way to use up some of my stationery stash.

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