Dealing With Romantic Relationships While On Your Travels

December 30, 2020

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If you did a survey asking people the best things about travelling the world, the top two things will always be the same. Most people enjoy discovering new things while abroad or meeting new people. It’s the second of those things that we’ll focus on today, with a more specific look at meeting people romantically. 

Romantic relationships whilst travelling

Let’s set the scene: you’re travelling around the world, and you meet someone else doing the same thing. Perhaps you stay in the same hostel, or maybe you meet each other while you’re out. In either case, you connect on a romantic level, and you don’t know what to do about it. Generally, there are three different roads you can go down with dealing with romantic relationships whilst travelling:

Ignore your feelings and don’t get involved

The first road is to just straight up ignore your feelings and avoid getting involved. Who knows what the other person’s intentions are, and what if you get hurt? You might end up falling for them during your brief time together, only to part ways and never see each other again. It can break your heart, so perhaps it’s best to avoid doing anything that you may live to regret. 

Dealing With Romantic Relationships While On Your Travels

Enjoy the moment and have some fun

The second option is to ignore any doubts and make the most of the time you have with this person. Realistically, you could only be around each other for a night or a day. In some cases, you may be in the same location for a few days or weeks. It depends on where you’re travelling and what their travel schedule is.

So, some people choose to make the most out of this while it’s there. Have some fun with this person, be with each other romantically, but don’t attach any strings to this relationship. Go in with the understanding that this won’t last and you’re both just enjoying each other’s company while you can. It can make your trip more enjoyable, and you don’t live with the constant feeling of ‘what if?’

Go full steam ahead and commit emotionally 

Lastly, you could go all in and really commit to this emotionally. If you’re both on the same page and think this could be something special, then give it a go. This doesn’t mean you suddenly pop the question, get a spouse visa, move to their country, get a spouse visa extension, and live happily ever after as a married couple. No, it’s more the idea that you keep things going even when you’re apart. You plan to meet up as soon as you can, and it could be the beginning of a beautiful long-term relationship. Slowly but surely, fate brings you closer together until you’re both living in the same country! 

Clearly, the choice is entirely up to you. Much depends on how much time you spend with the person on your travels, and how deeply your feelings run. Some people prefer the first method to avoid any emotional attachment, while others have more open minds. There’s no right or wrong answer – do what feels right!

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