A birthday cake made to look like a train

From The Bookshelf, The Royal Wedding and Peppa Pig World #LittleLoves

May 25, 2018

This is the first month of the #LittleLoves linky being hosted monthly. If I’m honest, I have missed not sharing a weekly update. It’s been strange to sit here this morning and ponder about what the month of May has held for us. With brain struggling to think back seven days, you can only imagine how hard it has had to work recalling a month’s worth of activities.

May’s #LittleLoves…

A birthday cake made to look like a train


Whilst I am completely failing at managing to read for pleasure myself (I’m blaming it entirely on the fact that I still don’t own a Kindle), I am still encouraging the children to read. A mixture of being a parent who will happily buy them a new book whenever they request. Along with being sent some wonderful children’s books to review, I have started a ‘From The Bookshelf‘ feature on my site. Firstly, to keep refreshing the children’s reading library and secondly to share and inspire others on what they might want to pick up next for their children.


As a royalist, you can imagine that the highlight of the month has been waiting and then watching the Royal Wedding. The joining of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, is a fairytale come true. One that many would never have imagined but it was so very clear during the ceremony how much they love and admire each other.


The release of The Greatest Showman on Blu-Ray and DVD this month has reawakened a love for the soundtrack (not that it really went away). Playing in the background whilst I work or singing in the car with Roo whilst we head off on family days out. Luckily the boys have just accepted that if we get to play the soundtrack first, they can have whatever they like on after that.


With half term knocking on my door, it’s all been about plans with the children. Mr Boo is also off for the week so we have days out and trips to the cinema planned.

Elsa Mirzaei et al. standing in front of a building


The weather has been a little up and down this month. Although we have been so lucky with some glorious days. It has made knowing what to wear a little hit and miss. With a trip to London wearing long sleeves and taking a coat was a mistake (I was roasting!). Having gone through the children’s wardrobes to discover that they have almost nothing for summer due to growth spurts I have had a couple of shopping trips to pick up the essentials.


Although we are looking forward to half term and the activities planned. We have already had a fun-filled month with a trip to Peppa Pig World. Having not visited since Tigger was around Piglet’s age it was wonderful to see the look on their faces.

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