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Eh-Oh! It’s a Tubby Playdate

May 25, 2018

Just the sound of the Teletubbies episode starting at 7am on CBeebies is enough to set Piglet up for the day. Jumping up and down, shouting baby, baby, baby and then spotting the rabbit hopping at the bottom of the screen. It’s all fun and excitement from then on in, with cheers of Eh-Oh! every time one of the Teletubbies appears.

With her love for the four colourful Teletubbies, we have tried to incorporate it in other areas. With Teletubbies books enjoyed at storytime, puzzles to challenge her logical and fine motor skills and an array of fun Teletubbies toys to play with. Something that we’ve recently done to extend the Teletubbies fun is to hold a Tubby Playdate.

Given that the Teletubbies have playmates on hand what better what to have fun than inviting some friends over for fun, food and activities – all Teletubbies themed, of course!

Eh-Oh! It’s a Tubby Playdate

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Utilising the Tubby Playdate Pack available on the Teletubbies site. It is a fantastic downloadable pack which parents can use as a guide to organising a fun playdate for their little ones. The pack is full of useful tips from the parenting expert Dr Amanda Gummer. Alongside activities and recipe ideas.

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Playdate planning and invitations

With the weather being rather glorious recently, I decided that a Tubby Playdate picnic would be a great idea for Piglet and her little friends. With the older ones at school during the day, it’s the perfect time to enjoy some activities with the younger ones. Sending out the little invitations that come with the playdate pack we simply asked them to bring along either a Teletubby friend or a cuddly one of their own.

Although the weather has been wonderful I wasn’t too sure whether it would hold out on the day. So I did have a backup plan for hosting in the living room just in case – although this turned out not to be needed.

Let’s decorate

Piglet and her friends are all shall I say, energetic children. So I knew that once I had them all together the possibility of craft activities to decorate the garden would be forgotten. Thankfully, Piglet decided that she wanted to get involved with the Tubby Bunting as she saw me colouring them in whilst sitting in the garden.

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Alongside this, I had some coloured paper which I used to make paper chains. Although I think if I were to do it again, brighter colours like the Teletubbies would have worked better than the pastel shades I found in the playroom.

All in all, I kept it quite simple with a large yellow blanket for the picnic. With the food selection kept just out of reach of little hands for the first part.

Let the fun commence

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Some parents just have that extra file stored in their heads, full of amazing activities and crafts that they can pull out as needed. Sadly, I’m not one of those parents so I’m always on the look out for activities that I can do with the children and bank for a later date. Thankfully the Tubby Playdate Pack comes with some fun activities and ideas on how to entertain the children. From simple things like blowing bubbles to creating paper flowers.

One of the things I planned was a game of hide and seek. Given that toddlers are not amazing at the game, we decided to hide their Teletubbies around the garden to see who could find theirs the quickest. I did giggle at the pack’s suggestion of a Dipsy’s obstacle course, as the parents would surely win this one!

We had such a fun afternoon in the garden enjoying a Tubby Playdate, I can’t wait for the next one – especially as the kids all slept so well after it.

How to download the Tubby Playdate Pack

The Tubby Playdate Pack is available to download for free from the Teletubbies website

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