Life In Lockdown Week 44 - Snow

Life In Lockdown | Snow Day {Week 44}

January 17, 2021

We’re halfway through the first month of the year and life in lockdown continues. With no end date for the national lockdown insight, this will continue to be our new normal for some time yet. In many ways, it is a life we have grown used to since this all took hold last year. It feels normal to ensure we have masks with us at all times and that additional hand washing is added to the routine.

It’s probably time for us all to accept that this is just life now rather than thinking we’ll revert back to the life we once knew.

Life In Lockdown

Life In Lockdown Week 44 - Snow Roo

Snow day

The first lockdown brought us the warm sunshine, the second lockdown brought us a month of children’s birthdays. Whilst the third lockdown brought us a snow day. I was so pleased that this happened on a day when neither myself or What The Dad Said was at work. Allowing us to wrap up warm, grab the children and head across the road to the large green opposite our house. Quite possibly the first time that we have all been out of the house together since before Christmas – maybe even before that!

So much fun attempting to build snowmen, throwing snowballs at each other and watching our cheeks turn pink with the cold. I wouldn’t mind a few more snow days – as long as I don’t have to drive to work.

Second best

I heard back from one of the positions I interviewed for last week. Knowing immediately that I was unsuccessful as it wasn’t the manager calling me. Whilst I received good feedback on my interview, with a couple of questions I could have elaborated on further (I thought that I’d talked too much). It appears that I was the second-best choice for the role. I’m not heartbroken about the decision although the hours would have been good to fit around family life. Although I did have concerns as to how I would manage to make and receive calls from home whilst juggling childcare – one of those things that could have been worked around.

Childcare juggles

With childcare juggled between myself and What The Dad Said (we’re not one of those families who has a support network – even before Coronavirus) it can be difficult at the best of times. The cross over of our shifts patterns takes place during the school day.

Thankfully, Tigger and Piglet are listed as keyworker children and are able to attend school full time. However, as there are more services open during this lockdown the demand for the school is high. Should any of the teachers need to go off sick or into self-isolation then bubbles will be affected as they have no spare teachers available? So we could receive a text at short notice informing us that they are no longer able to attend. Not sure what we will do in that situation but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Military support

This week I heard that our local hospital has requested military support as 1 in 6 staff members are off sick/self-isolating. Something that is quite shocking when I think about the size of the hospital and how many staff members that includes.

A harsh reminder that we need to stay home, stay safe and protect the NHS whilst life in lockdown continues.

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