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Life in lockdown | Finding a new normal {Week 2}

March 29, 2020

Just as we were all coming round to the idea of the social distancing measures, further lockdown measures where announced earlier in the week. Whilst the stay home, stay safe message had been shared and shared again. Now it is something that we MUST adhere to. Only venturing out to get essential supplies, medication and to travel to work (which cannot be completed from home). As well as being allowed to exercise once a day, as a family (household) but not to meet with others – and still maintaining the 2-metre social distancing space.

Daily exercise

Although we are able to leave the house for daily exercise once a day. We have decided not to partake, opting to keep the children at home. We are very fortunate to have a garden for them to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. As well as partaking in PE with Joe sessions.

With What The Dad Said still heading out to work as a keyworker. As we well as me needing to check on our old house once a week, we deemed it safer for them to stay home – given that they are already at risk of exposure from both of us.


As the news came last week that the schools would close I could understand the rationale behind it. We all want to keep our children safe and away from it all. This does, however, come with a task that I would never have signed up for – homeschooling!

I can struggle at the best of times with some of the children’s homework tasks. So the prospect of assisting them on a daily basis for an unknown amount of time filled me with dread. Thankfully the schools were somewhat prepared and sent home supplies, tasks and action plans. The high school especially being prepared with Google Classrooms, timetable suggestions as well as additional tasks for Roo to complete.

We’ve managed to navigate our way through the first week. Opting to get the assigned work completed in the mornings so that the children are free to read, play, watch movies and play games in the afternoons.

Feeding the nation

Last year What The Dad Said changed jobs, which allowed him to reduce his hours in order to be around for the children more. As he works as a keyworker he is still working throughout the lockdown measures. In fact, completely double his usual hours in order to cover the shifts of those in self-isolation. As well as ensuring that shelves as stocked and customers are served.

  • Rachel Craig April 22, 2020 at 5:37 am

    Family Life, and Quality of Life are Important aspects. Hopefully once things settle down :- Perhaps your partner will be given some thanks and recognition. A family day out / holiday, etc perhaps. Richly deserved. There has been donations / charity for NHS staff :- Why not for all essential workers. Though I think I read somewhere about £1,000 next year for shop workers :- So hoping that is a true fact, and your family gets to reap that well earnt reward.

  • Apocalypse Daddy April 23, 2020 at 10:07 pm

    As you say, morning for school work, afternoons for reading. When this is over I am going to go to Alice’s school, and after hugging the teachers and saying thank you for doing something it turns out I could never do, I will ask where they get their patience from. And how they can make kids sit still and listen.

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