Life in Lockdown - Week 48

Life In Lockdown | The world turned white {Week 48}

February 14, 2021

The week the world around us and life in lockdown turned white and we were able to live in our own version of a snow globe. Whilst we have been fortunate to have a few snow days in recent years, this is possibly the longest the snow has hung around for. Although the soft, powdery snow has turned to either slush or ice – but it still looks like a beautiful wintery scene.

School snow days

Unsurprisingly we woke to the news that the primary school would be closed on Monday and only open to critical care workers on Tuesday. Meaning that the children were home from school enabling us to make the most of the snow. In fact, we kept them home all wee, with us able to juggle our shifts around the need for childcare. The high school had two days cancelled online learning but Roo completed the remaining days, whilst having time to enjoy the snow.

Life in Lockdown - Week 48 Roo

Winter driving

Whilst I love the snow, the prospect of driving in it isn’t something I relish. With both myself and What The Dad Said heading out at different times for our work shifts. Thankfully the majority of our journey’s are made via main roads which were relatively clear so our winter driving conditions haven’t been too bad. I did get a photo from my team leader showing a foot of snow on her car – a good job her car wasn’t white, otherwise, I don’t think she would have found it 🤣.

Valentine’s Day

Truth be told we don’t really do much for Valentine’s Day each year. We have our wedding anniversary later in the year to celebrate our love for each other. Not to mention the lack of childcare, plus we’re in the middle of a national lockdown. We did have plans to enjoy a M&S Valentine’s meal for two, however, a combination of our work shifts meant that we never made it to the store. Plus I ended up doing an extra shift at work for the promotion change. So we haven’t managed to spend much time together at all today.

Half term plans

Usually, we are counting down to the half-term holidays with plans made for family adventures etc. With life in lockdown still continuing the only plans, we have made for the week ahead involve me working full time, gaining some extra hours to cover those on holiday. Hopefully, What The Dad Said and the kids will enjoy movie marathons, gaming sessions and baking etc. whilst I’m not there.

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