Life In Lockdown - Keyworker Children

Life In Lockdown | Lockdown 3.0 {Week 43}

January 10, 2021

Life In Lockdown continues… Well, here we are again back in a national lockdown, time for life in lockdown 3.0. Whilst different parts of the UK lived with the changing of different tiers I don’t think many were prepared for the possibility and reality of another national lockdown. Sadly the tier restrictions haven’t helped the spread of the virus so we are once again asked to stay home, stay safe and protect the NHS.

Life In Lockdown

Life in lockdown - National Coronavirus lockdown

Back to school

With the festive season over it was time for Tigger and Piglet to return to school on Monday. Something that Piglet was especially excited about having missed the social interaction over the Christmas holiday. We knew ahead of time that Roo’s high school would be having an inset day on Monday followed by two weeks of home online learning to allow them to prepare for the mass COVID-19 testing that was due to take place for high school pupils.

Of course, all these plans went out the window at 8 pm on Monday night when Boris Johnson announced the national lockdown. Including all schools, colleges and universities to close and switch to home learning. With both parents and teachers receiving the news at the same time.

Keyworker children

As the younger two children prepared to head to school on Monday I had the foresight to register them as keyworker children in case the school closed again. Thinking it might be a week or two in advance not less than 24 hours. With both What The Dad Said and I both classed as essential workers and juggling our shifts around the usual school hours crossover, we rely on the school for childcare as well as educational needs.

As more services are available during this lockdown it has meant that there have been more keyworker children registered at the school. With 180 children in school during this first week of lockdown out of approx 450 pupils. The children separated by year group rather than kept together by families due to the numbers. Allowing their education to continue more easily, however, a greater risk of affected bubbles in case of illness/infection.

The numbers are rising

As I listened to the local news bulletin n the car on the way to work, it announced that 1 in 45 people in Norfolk have Coronavirus. Something that really brought home the scale of what we are all facing. Whilst we are doing all we can to protect our children, the fact that we both work in food retailers means that we never know how many people we come into contact with who could be infected.

Returning to the NHS?

Whilst I quite enjoy my time working in the supermarket, I have to admit that administration is where my talents lay. As such I have been applying for various admin roles within the NHS. With two virtual job interviews this week for two very different roles and services. Although I felt incredibly nervous during the interviews. I think that they went well. I should find out in the next week or two as to whether I have been successful or not for either of the roles.

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