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Life in lockdown | Life is a rollercoaster of emotions {Week 8}

May 10, 2020

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Life In Lockdown… As I sit down to write up our seventh week of life in lockdown, I’m nervously awaiting the possible announcement that restrictions are going to ease. The news and social media are awash with the different possibilities of what the Prime Minister may be making later today. Having seen how busy the roads are and the queues at supermarkets, it does feel as though everyone has already started to ease up on the lockdown restrictions. Becoming complacent with social distancing. I do hope that we aren’t rushing into things and heading for another peak on the Covid-19 graph.

Life In Lockdown {Week 8}

Life in lockdown
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Petty Disagreements

The week started with a petty disagreement in a bloggers Facebook group. Something I normally don’t allow myself to get involved in. A simple request for an answer to my question was met with name calling and a guilt trip (on their part, not mine). Following with me being removed from the group. Considering that we are all supposed to be adults it’s so sad to see how some people behave – it’s like being back in the playground.

Crash and burn

I’m the first to confess that I have not been on top form this week. I’ve got 101 thoughts and reflections running through my mind. Add into this my terrible sleeping pattern and lockdown-themed dreams. I have crashed and burned this week, with a migraine wiping me out midweek. My body and mind telling me to stop, recharge and pace myself for the rest of the week.

Homeschooling – a change of routine

On the whole, homeschooling isn’t going too badly – much better than I anticipated. However, the children have each opted to have a little change to the routine this week.

  • Roo declaring that she wouldn’t be completing PE with Joe each morning ‘I only do PE twice a week at school, so why do I have to do it every day at home?’ was her reasoning. I can’t necessarily disagree with her, although she does far more than two PE lessons at school when you add in her Netball, multi-gym sessions and dance lessons too – but it would be picking to point this out to her.
  • Tigger has a much more logical, structured type of personality and the jumping from one subject to another hasn’t been working for him. It takes him time to switch to another topic and therefore increases his time completing school tasks. So this week I tried getting him to complete all of the tasks set for one subject per day. Working through maths, art, videos, spellings, grammar and punctuation. It seems to have worked much better for him and he has made fewer errors on his work.
  • Piglet opting to forgo time sitting at the table with her siblings for time role-playing with toys, colouring by numbers and completing gardening tasks. Although it is clear that she is missing the social aspect of preschool.

Garden wooden playset

Very exciting garden delivery this, especially for the children as we hadn’t said anything about it. A MultiFlyer wooden climbing frame, which has a swing set, tower, slide and sandpit. Although it comes pressure-treated, we feel it will look fantastic painted. So we have paused assembly whilst we wait for the paint to arrive – fingers crossed for sunny weather next week so I can get it completed – the children are eager to try it out.

Great British Campout

Throughout my teens, I spent many weekends camping with my friends. Stuck in the middle of a field, no proper facilities, cold and often wet (it rains a lot in Cumbria!). Whilst I loved it at the time, I have to confess that as a parent it’s not quite my idea of fun. However, GO Outdoors were hosting the Great British Campout this weekend supporting NHS Charities Together. What better time to introduce camping to the children, than from the comfort of the back garden, with great facilities just a few steps away – not to mention the kitchen for midnight snacks.

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