Five reasons for using a garden building as a garden gym

Five reasons having a garden building as a home gym makes sense!

January 12, 2021

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Do you enjoy exercising but rarely find the time to drag yourself down to the gym? Or do you have the time to exercise, but despise the expensive monthly gym membership payments? 

We understand that with busy life schedules (and busy gyms), travelling just to exercise may not be everyone’s preferred option. Working out at home allows you and your family the flexibility to exercise whenever suits you, whilst cutting out long wait times for gym equipment.

Why have a garden gym?

Garden Gyms offer you the comfort of working out in your own home, and most importantly, provides a safe and secure space for the whole family to partake in home workouts.

A Garden Gym provides various benefits, so we’ve put together the top five reasons a garden gym makes sense:

It’s convenient and saves time

One of the major drawbacks of visiting your local gym is the dreaded journey and travel time before you even get to the gym, which can be impractical for individuals after a hectic day at work, and for busy parents needing to find childcare. Having your own garden building as a home gym means you can exercise in the privacy of your own home, with zero travel involved – saving you time and money.

Your garden gym can be kitted out to look like a real gym to help you stay motivated, with a wide range of gym equipment and machines easily available to buy online. 

A garden gym can save you money – and make you money

On average, Brits waste £37 million a year on unused gym membership costs, exercise and slimming classes that they never attend. The average cost of a gym membership has increased in recent years – with many failing to attend and wasting hard-earned money.

If you’re one of those people who pay for a costly membership that you rarely use, investing in your own garden gym could save you money in the long run.

A garden building is a custom-built space designed to meet your needs, and if you ever plan to sell your home, property experts have claimed that garden and home gyms can add value to your home and even help you sell the house faster.

Garden gym

The perfect environment for your work-out 

Working out and cooling down in a calm and relaxing environment is imperative for your fitness regime, allowing you to enjoy the aspect of outdoors – especially in the summer months. It’s also the perfect space for any gym newbies who don’t feel entirely comfortable working out in front of a group of people or are not entirely sure where to start in the world of fitness. With access to many online workouts from trained fitness professionals, there’s no reason to choose a commercial gym over one in your garden!

Great for the family

Garden buildings make for the perfect garden gym, and they’re perfect for the entire family to enjoy some exercise together. A garden gym allows plenty of space to warm up and down, with room to invite your friends over for a group Pilates session.

This will also keep costs down for the whole family, as multiple monthly gym memberships can become costly. Teenagers or older children may not be able to get a gym membership due to age restrictions, nor be able to afford one – so a garden gym is the perfect alternative to keep the whole family fit and healthy! 

A garden gym provides a ‘flexible’ space

For many, indoor space to keep gym equipment in the home is limited, which is why investing in a garden gym is a brilliant way to avoid cluttering up the home. Local gyms can easily become busy and crowded, leaving you waiting to use gym equipment and machines.

In your very own garden gym, you have flexible space to call your own, meaning you can enjoy your workout in peace, without the need to give up equipment for others to use. 

Of course, a garden building can double up as a chill-out zone, music room, art studio or garden office – take your pick!

Check out the Norwegian Log garden building gallery to view their range of image galleries and 3D virtual tours to discover how some of their existing customers have utilised their garden buildings as a customised garden gym, garden office or even a garden chill-out zone.

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