Tips to prepare for an online job interview

November 21, 2020

Virtual job interview preparation can be quite an overpowering task to do. In the current situation, most companies are taking online interviews to hire employees. Though there are a ton of different ways it can be done, everything about interviews is extremely daunting. There is a lot to prepare and get ready for when it comes to an interview. 

In this article, we have listed down a few pointers that can help you prepare for a virtual job interview efficiently. These tips will make sure you are confident enough to face the interview. 

Preparing for a virtual job interview

preparing for a virtual interview

Google Yourself

This might sound like a weird piece of advice for interview prep, but Googling yourself is a crucial step in this process. It is more than likely that your interviewer, in preparation, will be Googling you, checking out your social media profiles, and seeing what kind of digital footprint you’ve left behind. You may not be aware of how you look from the outside, and Googling yourself is the easiest way to see what will come up about you, and whether this will look good to an interviewer.

In order to protect your digital footprint, you should be aware of how you look online, and make sure to comb through and delete posts that no longer represent your views, values or personality. Without any skeletons in your closet, you can approach your online job interview with confidence!

Dress as if it’s a face-to-face interview

When it comes to giving an interview, you have to keep in mind that your first impression has to be memorable. You have to make sure to look professional and dress properly. Just because it is an online interview, you cannot just wear something casual and look slouchy in the interview. Make sure you wear appropriate clothing and style your hair properly as well. 

You have to be even more careful when it is an online video call job interview. Style yourself neatly to impress the interviewer at the first glance. 

Make sure that each of your equipment is working correctly

Imagine the kind of stress you will have to go through in case your microphone or the laptop stops working in the middle of the interview. Well in advance, test your laptop and other accessories to make sure they are in proper condition. If something is not working, make sure you replace it before the interview. Spending some extra cash is always better than facing issues during a very important interview. 

Do a test video call with a friend to ensure that the camera is focusing well and that there is no issue in talking and listening clearly. 

Go through a mock interview online

Practising is something that can help you be confident about the online interview. Giving a mock interview online is the best way to practice. 

Doing this mock interview can help you see where you need to improve and how you handle the interview in general. Using the mock interview as an example, you can prepare for the actual interview way more easily. You can also stand in front of a mirror and practice that way if you want. 

Cut out everything that can distract you

Distractions can be literally everywhere when it comes to an online interview. Having a dirty background or a lot of noise around you can really sabotage your interview. To avoid that, make sure you eliminate everything that can take away your attention. Put your mobile on silent so you won’t receive any notifications. During the interview, make sure to focus on answering your interviewer only. 

In advance, let your family or roommates know about the virtual job interview so they don’t disturb you. Choose a room that is away from all the background noise for the interview. 

Look directly into the camera and be confident

When it comes to an online video call job interview, it is all about being confident in your own ability to succeed. Make sure to be ready for any kind of questions the interviewer may ask. Look at the camera directly and answer confidently as well without hesitation. Take the online interview as seriously as an in-person interview and give your best for it. 

Sit straight and don’t avoid eye contact in case you are not sure about the answer. Practice your answers in advance if that is something you think will help you. 

Final thoughts

These are all the amazing tips we had for you in this article. We hope that these tips make it easier for you to prepare for an online interview. 

At the very end, it is all about being fearless and facing the interview like a boss. Use these to do your best and ace the online video call job interview!

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