Life In Lockdown | Almost time for summer {Week 18}

July 19, 2020

Life In Lockdown… The school holidays are within touching distance, with just two more days to go. Roo finished on Friday, whilst Tigger has two more days of homeschooling still to complete, with Piglet still attending preschool. A very different end to the school year but it will be nice to not have to worry about having to complete school work from home.

Life In Lockdown {Week 18}

Life In Lockdown 
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Tigger goes back to school

Tigger was invited to spend the afternoon at school on Friday. The first time he’d been back since they went into lockdown back in March. It was strange to see him in his uniform – which just about fitted. I could really see how much he had grown over the months at home. He had fun meeting his new teacher for Year 5 and catching up with his classmates. A chance to have fun and say farewell for the summer.

Schools out for Roo

The school year is finished for Roo, the high school always have slightly different dates to the primary school. Usually, this would allow us to have a couple of days without Tigger and Piglet but this year is somewhat different. Plans for the new term in September have been sent over and details regarding uniform, staggered lunches etc. communicated. She’s done so well whilst learning from home, it would have been nice for her to have had more lessons with a teacher via Zoom than just work assigned. But I know that this is something they are looking at doing in case of another lockdown later in the year.

Feeling like a failure

I’m just about feeling myself again after being ill. Although I’m still suffering with nausea, a fuzzy head and some dizziness. I’m keeping on top of my iron tablets and ensuring that I’m drinking plenty. After feeling under the weather for the last few weeks I’m feeling somewhat sorry for myself. Feeling as though I’m not doing enough and failing at the things that I am managing to do. I’m worried financially as my work still hasn’t picked up – it feels very un-British to confess that, as we don’t like to talk about money. However, it is something that we all need to be more open and honest about.

Back on the road again

For the first time since before lockdown, and actually I think before the February half term holidays we were all in the same car as each other. A family trip over to see What The Dad Said‘s sister for her birthday. It was a little strange for us to be back on the road again, but a welcome change of scenery from being at home. Hopefully with the summer holidays starting we will be able to visit a few local places to start getting back into the ‘real world’ again.

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