Life in Lockdown Week 50

Life In Lockdown | Roadmap out of lockdown {Week 50}

February 28, 2021

Here we are almost a year since our life in lockdown began and we are still existing in some form of lockdown.

I still find it hard to believe how we were so unaware of this pandemic this time last year. It was still very much something that was happening elsewhere so not something I paid much attention to. Even recalling a discussion with Roo’s high school about the possible need to self-isolate following her school ski trip to Italy during the previous half-term holidays (although she had been back in school for almost two weeks). Figuring out just how we would do that whilst the rest of us would potentially carry on with life as usual. Self-isolation was not required as she hadn’t visited the affected areas as well as never displaying any of the symptoms.

Life In Lockdown

Here we are almost a year since our life in lockdown began and we are still existing in some form of lockdown. All those weeks, months down the line we are in my ways are older, wiser and stronger people. Time has shone the light on our strengths and weaknesses. Highlighting the areas of our lives we find comfort in and those areas we are happy that have fallen by the wayside.

I guess I’m just feeling melancholy about the (almost) year we’ve had behind closed doors. Wondering if life will ever return to what it once was or if I even want it to.

Contract extension

With my blog contracts and campaigns still suffering due to the pandemic I am thankful my temporary contract has been extended at the supermarket. Whilst I am only contracted a small number of hours, I am fortunate that there is a good portion of overtime hours available. With me working a minimum of four days a week, sometimes six days. It’s a physically tiring job but one that does offer a surprising level of satisfaction.

Life in Lockdown Week 50

Roadmap out of lockdown

Earlier this week the government set out it’s roadmap out of lockdown. Detailing the steps needed to take to allow for life to slowly open up again. We now have a timetable available to us highlighting the key dates when businesses can open once again. I’m conflicted on how I feel about the plans. I do, of course, hope that we are able to regain as much of our ‘normal’ lives back again as possible. However, I can’t help thinking that there will be many people who push those boundaries and potentially set us back several steps.

Plans for returning to high school

Roo has worked so hard to complete her schooling from home since Christmas/New Year. Whilst we opted to utilise keyworker placements for Tigger and Piglet, we felt it was in Roo’s best interests to stay home. At least until school testing was in place and open to all pupils as her high school had previous COVID positive cases. The news that she’ll be returning to school week commencing 8th March has left us with mixed emotions.

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