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Life In Lockdown | Huggles, hoolies and Leaks {Week 24}

August 30, 2020

Life in lockdown continues, although I think I can start to see the end of the tunnel. With a little under two weeks until the children potentially return to school. Something that they need as much as I do. I have to confess to really needing the few hours of time alone I get each week whilst completing the chores of popping to the post office, checking on the house etc. I feel selfish and guilty for enjoying that time but it is most welcomed at the same time.

Life In Lockdown {Week 24}

Life In Lockdown - What I'm Kindle Reading


Piglet has always been an affectionate child. Having had to apologise to doctors, old ladies in the car garage and friends that she is a hugger. Given the current situation, you can imagine that it’s a good thing that we don’t really see anyone. However, she still has us available for huggles as she likes to call them. Unless What The Dad Said is on an early shift and she doesn’t get to give him a morning higgle – devastation, demanding that I take her to his work to see him.

Water Tank Leak

Something you never really want to find at any time of the day. But somehow worse when it’s first thing in the morning. The landing carpet soaking wet with the water tank in the airing cupboard leaking. Along with the downstairs cloakroom ceiling showing signs of water damage from it all. Thankfully the plumber was able to fix the problem. Now we just have to wait for everything to dry out before we’ll know if we need to replace the carpets and touch up paintwork etc.

Blowing A Hooley

I’m not sure if you experienced the winds that came with Storm Francis but we certainly did. Thankfully the fences, climbing frame etc. all withstood the force of the wind. Although Roo was disappointed that we made her come in from sleeping in the tent. It was bad enough listening to the wind sitting indoors, I dread to think what it would have been like in the tent.

Retreating And Withdrawing

One of the plus points or silver linings of the lockdown for me has been the ability to retreat and withdraw from everything outside of my home. Stepping away from situations and engagements that ordinarily I would have has to complete and feel the fall out on my wellbeing in the days that followed. Lockdown has meant that I don’t have to live up to those expectations or find an excuse not to attend.

If I’m honest I have potentially retreated too far into myself, not sending messages, deleting apps and all but ignoring the ‘real world’. I’m not too sure I’m ready to head back to the life I had before, but maybe now is the time to make the changes I need to do for a better life/wellbeing balance.

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