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Life In Lockdown | Returning to normal? {week 15}

June 28, 2020

What a week full of lockdown restriction changes – or should that be now guidance rather than you must follow/adhere to these rules (following Cummings Gate!). Whilst it is a step towards life returning to whatever normal was before all this started. There will always be those who look at what’s able to be done and twist it to meet their needs or blatantly ignoring the guidance. Case and point being some of the beaches shown on the news this week – shocking!

Back to preschool

The biggest change for us this week has been Piglet returning to preschool. Although I had initially decided not to send her back. It was obvious how much she was missing the social aspect of attending preschool. Something that was having a negative effect on her wellbeing. An email to the school confirmed that they still had availability for her and she returned on Tuesday. Loving being back in uniform and seeing her friends and teachers.

Feeling hot, hot, hot

To think I was complaining about the rain we’d had at the beginning of the month. This has been replaced by the warm, muggy heat. Something that there doesn’t feel as though there is any respite from. I’m not good in the hot weather, my northern blood prefers the cooler temperatures.

Out of my control

This week I have been reflecting on the things in my life that I’m able to control. And in turn, the things that are out of my control. As much as I try to control the areas of my life (yes, I’m a control freak!) in order to allow my anxiety levels to stay manageable. There are those areas that I’m not able to configure to change in a way that is better for my wellbeing. I can, however, opt to remove things that have a negative effect on me. This week I removed all people on my Facebook account. Only keeping it open to access Roo’s school performing arts groups. No longer seeing things that upset or annoy me on my timeline. If I don’t see it, it can’t get to me.

If you’ve got nothing nice to say!

Lockdown has varied for every family, every person and even varying by day of the week or the time of the day. For some, it’s been a time for thriving, for others they have struggled through the hours, days and weeks. Whilst we might all be having different experiences, it doesn’t mean that anyone else’s journey should be made to feel as though they can’t share their experience – good or bad.

I shared that in many ways our time has been like an extended school holiday. Something that I have had several negative comments about (some so awful that I deleted). So in order to balance the thought process, this is a small slice of reality:

  • Family – We didn’t see them before lockdown so not seeing them during lockdown doesn’t have a negative impact on our lives. My nearest family member is over 250 miles away so even when restrictions are lifted, we still aren’t going to be able to pop in for tea and cake.
  • Money – In the three months that we have been in lockdown, I have earned the equivalent of one month’s wage. Luckily, What The Dad Said is working double his usual hours in order to make up some of the shortfalls – but things are very tight financially.
  • Friends – I only saw my best friends approx. every 6-8 weeks so I’m not missing the social interaction. There are still text messages to keep in touch and our lives were bust before lockdown so getting together was a juggling act anyway.
  • School run – The lack of school run (although I am now back on the preschool run) is a blessing for my anxiety levels. As I don’t have to endure the school gate awkwardness from not having any school mums/dads to talk to.

So I’m sorry if I have offended anyone by saying that our life is like one long summer holiday. The children are home from school, just as they would be in the holidays, we have no money, just like we wouldn’t over the summer after paying for days out etc. the difference being that we aren’t going anywhere and still don’t have any money.

  • Rachel Craig July 2, 2020 at 8:19 pm

    Social Interaction is one of the main concerns / losses / impact upon us during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

    Seems in the media that Government priorities are :- Business, Economics, Travel ( particularly flights, holidays abroad).

    “Money makes the world go round “. ” Love is all you need ” . It seems there is a dilemma. ” Everyone Matters “. Public Health and Safety are Important Issues. Life and Quality of Life is Important.

    There have been some limitations due to lockdown. The lockdown is being eased gradually, hopefully safely.

    Seems many places, businesses, etc are preparing to re-open. We are told me expect a ‘new normal ‘, as Coronavirus (covid 19) is still around, though the numbers are reduced.

    Best Wishes!

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