Christmas Tree 2020

Life In Lockdown | The end of Lockdown 2.0 {Week 38}

December 6, 2020

Life in lockdown this week has seen us say a fond, festive hello to December. As as the lockdown 2.0 restrictions easing, depending on where you are in the country. For us, in Norfolk, we are in tier 2 with the majority of stores and businesses able to reopen. Not that this has made any difference to us as I don’t foresee us queuing for Primark and such like any time soon. But I suppose it’s nice to have the option available rather than those in tier 3 who are unable to head out.

Life in lockdown – week 38

Life in Lockdown Week 38

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

With the children’s birthdays behind us, it was time to tranform the house into a winter wonderland. The Christmas tree decorated with the help of Piglet, letting go of my inner control freak and allowing her to place the decorations wherever she felt. Having fun pulling out all the animated Christmas toys and setting them all off playing.

Advent calendars

The countdown to Christmas has begun with the arrival of the advent calendars. Piglet believing that Santa had placed them under the tree in exchange for her drawing and letter that she had made.

Keeping with our Christmas tradition of LEGO advent calendars (LEGO Star Wars, LEGO City, LEGO Friends and LEGO Harry Potter) alongside the classic chocolate treat. Whilst Roo switching theme this year with a make-up advent calendar – which I treated her to, much to What The Dad Said’s grumbles.

Thanks, but no thanks

This week cemented the feeling of failure into my mindset. With a host of ‘thanks for applying but we will not be inviting you for interview’ emails. Alongside attending an interview and not getting the role. Whilst it might not have been a role that I would have loved, it would have been a regular income. Providing a stable amount with each month rather than the unpredictable earnings from being self-employed. Alas, all I can do is keep applying for different roles and hope that the stars align and I get a role that helps us financially and one that I’ll hopefully enjoy too.

Hot chocolate treat

Piglet earned the hot chocolate treat from school this Friday. Gaining a certificate for work on her phonics as well as a hot chocolate sachet to enjoy at home. She was so proud when she came home and had to show everyone – as well as enjoy the hot chocolate immediately.

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