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Life In Lockdown | Making the right decisions? {week 13}

June 14, 2020

I’m pretty sure that we are supposed to be in June, you know the month where the days are longer, the sun shines and the summer wardrobe is getting it’s first real airing. However, just like the rest of 2020, June appears to be suffering its own pandemic and has decided to bring the wet, miserable days with it. I can only hope that this means that July and August will be filled with sunshine – not too hot mind you, I’m a northerner at heart and I can handle the hot, muggy heat (there’s no pleasing some people).

I sit next to you?

I’ve spent most of the week worrying about Piglet. She has been especially clingy this week, always wanting to be near at least one of us at any given point. Snuggling in close whilst she watches Disney+ on her iPad and I read a few chapters of my book. Not wanting to go to bed and waking in the night as she is lonely.

Other than extra cuddles and love I don’t really know what I can do to help her feel more at peace with being at home with just us for company. What The Dad Said did joke that maybe we should have agreed to send her back to preschool – something that has been playing on my mind ever since. I’m so conflicted as to whether that would be the best decision or not.

Let’s take a car ride

Thursday is my usual chore day outside of the house. Ticking off a multitude of tasks, this week I didn’t have much to do and with Piglet being clingy I opted to take her with me in the car. She loved being out of the house (albeit in the car), waving hello to other cars, spotting the animals on the Acle straight and enjoying a danger nap on the way home.

Take it easy

I’ve felt a little off this week, a fuzzy head and nausea. Resulting in not one but two migraines. With the second one causing me to cry and feel truly sorry for myself. Although I had some deadlines to meet this week I had to switch off all weekend and take it easy. Which has done me the world of good.

What I’m Kindle Reading

It’s no secret that I have fallen back in love with reading. Devouring the characters, the storylines and partaking on their emotional rollercoaster. A tweet by a fellow blogger this week prompted me to set up a new Instagram account @What.Im.Kindle.Reading to share all things reading-related. It’s lovely to have a dedicated place to connect with other bookish people.

A Kindle paperwhite on a white wooden table with coloured pens

Homeschooling until September (at least)

When the lockdown started I commented to another mum at the school gate that I thought that the children would be home until September. There was a part of me hoping that I was wrong. However, as the weeks (and months) have progressed I realised that this was most likely the case. The government’s U-turn on primary children back at school before the summer means that they will definitely be homeschooling until September. Although I read that high schools might not be back until January – a very scary thought! For now, we are taking it week by week, task by task.

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