Play-Doh Home Protection Service

Play-Doh Home Protection Service

October 10, 2021

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We get it. Play-Doh can cause a mess. But, thanks to the Play-Doh Home Protection Service, you can now wave goodbye to Play-Doh in the carpet, between your toes, or wedged in between the sofa cushions. This first-of-its-kind, parent-approved kit will help you to Play-Doh-proof your home, so you’ll never be afraid to unleash your kid’s doh-mixing creativity again.

Because it may cause a mess, but it’s all in the prep!

Create your own Play-Doh Home Protection Service kit

Play-Doh Home Protection Service

Anyone who knows me in ‘real life’ will tell you that on the whole, messy play is reserved for the school. I’m more than happy for them to utilise all the glitter, glue etc they want at school where I don’t have to clean it up (because it gets EVERYWHERE!). Given my aversion to mess, Play-Doh has come to my rescue with a Play-Doh Home Protection Service kit, complete with everything I might need to ease my stressing about the mess. Allowing Piglet to make the most of squidging and squashing Play-Doh through her fingers, on the table and creating masterpieces with cookie cutters.

So I thought I would share with you what’s included in case you are a mess-free mum like me who needs to get one of these in her life.

  • Storage box – always good to keep messy play away and out of reach of little hands when not in use
  • Wipeable tablecloth – protecting your table from the mess that is about to happen
  • Apron – protecting little ones clothing from the majority of the mess, because let’s face it even with an all-in-one apron they would still manage to get it on their clothes
  • Play-Doh – goes without saying that this should be included, but just in case
  • Dustban and brush – much needed for sweeping up the majority of the mess
  • Sponge – wipe away the mess without worry

In addition to the kit, I have added some old cookie cutters and plastic baby cutlery that was sitting in the drawer (even though Piglet is almost six!).

Play-Doh proof your home

Do you have your Play-Doh Home Protection Service ready? Fabulous! Simply utilise these tips & tricks to Play-Doh proof your home today:

Play-Doh Home Protection Service

It’s all in the prep

The first rule of home protection is it’s all in the prep! Set down wipeable table cloths, layout rubber floor mats, & apron up your creative kids to set the scene for a stress-free Play-Doh aftermath.

Hoovers at the ready

To avoid Play-Doh sneaking into every nook & cranny, you can simply hoover it up; we assure you that most hoovers will not be harmed in the process!

It’s not too late to reverse that mess

The vibrant colours bring your children’s creations to life but can occasionally cause some of this creativity to end up on clothes. Simply mix ½ tsp of dishwashing detergent with warm water & gently blot onto the spot, for a t-shirt as good as new.

Play-Doh on the run? Just add more Play-Doh!

Struggling to grab that last tiny bit of escaped Play-Doh? Well for most surfaces like carpets, floorboards, sofas or even car seats, simply grab more Play-Doh, soften it up & press it against the unreachable dot. Voila!

Save that rug for another carpet stain

Messy play can sometimes leave your carpet a little worse for wear. Leave that Play-Doh to dry completely (just a few hours should do the trick!) then grab a spare toothbrush & rid yourself of those pesky little spots.

Find out more about the Play-Doh Home Protection Service at

Play-Doh Home Protection Service

Win Play-Doh 4 Pack of Wild Non-Toxic Colours

To help you stress-less about messy play at home, we are lucky enough to have a Play-Doh 4 Pack of Wild Non-Toxic Colours plus Play-Doh Home Protection Service apron to giveaway.

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Play-Doh Home Protection Service Bundle

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