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Why you should definitely include coding as a homeschooling subject

July 1, 2020

Eight of the top 25 jobs this year are tech positions or related to programming. Today, we are here to explain the reasons why you should definitely include coding as a homeschooling subject for your child.

During this pandemic breakdown, one of the industries that are still thriving or going strong is the tech industry. This is one of the only things that has been popular globally for a while now. It’s also a big part of almost everyone’s daily life. So it’s normal for you to be curious about it.

Coding as a homeschooling subject

If you are thinking about homeschooling your child, you also might be wondering if you should include programming in their curriculum. There are actually many benefits of doing that which you might not be aware of. Programming is one of the first suggested subjects for kids and there are reasons behind that. Today, we are here to explain the reasons why you should definitely include coding as a homeschooling subject for your child:

Programming assists them to learn problem-solving qualities

Having excellent problem-solving skills is something every kid has to learn in life. What makes programming so good for kids is that it teaches them how to understand an issue and solve it on their own.

Programming requires a lot more focus and attention to understand how development works. There are many opportunities for them to solve issues and learn a very essential skill extremely early in their life. 

It also gives them a push to be more creative while studying and finding out new things on their own. That is also always a good thing to learn and improve on right? 

coding as a homeschooling subject
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Programming can be easily taught at home

What concerns most of the parents starting with homeschooling is how to teach kids things without actual teachers. Programming can be done easily because many resources are available to learn it at home. 

You can find a ton of courses and classes online that can teach your kids coding really easily. There are also hundreds of applications where they can practice with many hands-on questions and activities. So even if you can’t find a teacher for them, you can still teach them coding all on your own.

It’s also less expensive which is always a plus and what makes it more interesting to parents. Overall, it’s a skill you can easily add to your child’s skill pallet and make them smarter. 

It’s going to be an important skill in the future

As discussed in the very beginning, programming is very important from the career point of view. Even in the future, it’s an industry that is unlikely to go down completely because we are more and more dependent on it each passing year.

Because of this reason, many job opportunities will be created in this field. Teaching kids how to code is like getting them ready for these wonderful future opportunities. It also allows them to be capable enough to solve any technical issues they have all on their own.

As a parent, you might worry a lot about your child’s future and whether they will get a good job or not. This is a good way to make sure they have the skills they will need in order to score a good position in the industry. 

Improves their ability to work in a team 

You might be aware of the fact that programming is more or less an activity that depends a lot on group efforts. Even while homeschooling, this is a good idea to improve your child’s social skills. 

Working in a team enables them to share ideas and innovate things together. They also get to share their individual issues and find a solution for them together. It also allows them to work on their conversation abilities and improvise on them with time.

If your child has a shy nature, this can help them to come out of their shell and talk to other kids. In short, it lets them be their own self in a group and discuss things openly with others that might have different mindsets. 

Helps them develop an analytical mind

Mathematics is a very crucial knowledge to have regardless of the age group your child is in. At the same time, you also might know that most kids hate learning mathematics. 

Programming can help you with that because it is majorly based on mathematics and logic. Kids learn the basics of analytics and maths while they learn to code any kind of program by themselves. Logic helps them be better at developing a piece of code efficiently.

Even if your child doesn’t directly get into a technical career later in their life, they will for sure need to know mathematics. Programming makes maths interesting as well as fun to understand and try out. 

Makes them ready for any kind of challenges

Learning programming is not a thing that gets done in one day or even in one week. There are many challenges that your kids will face while learning it and thus they will learn how to solve these challenges without any external help or support.

This is an exceptional ability that will come in handy in almost all aspects of their life. They will learn not to give up and do things until they have managed to get past the challenge. It will give them a tremendous boost of self-confidence which is always a major advantage. 

They will resist issues and focus on fixing them no matter how much time it takes. This fixes their lack of focus and assists them to be more mature about things and solve them graciously. 


There are numerous other skills programming teaches kids but these are some of the highlights of it. These reasons make programming worth teaching any kids in general but especially for kids learning from home. 

Homeschooling can be tough at times but subjects like coding definitely make kids more interested in it. If you are a parent looking for the best things to teach your kids in homeschooling, you should definitely think about coding as one of the subjects for them. 

We hope that this article helped you to understand some great benefits of coding for kids. We suggest you give programming a chance when you decide on subjects for homeschooling. 

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