Easy toy storage ideas when you are short on space

Easy toy storage ideas when you are short on space

October 29, 2023

There is one thing that many parents can relate to when it comes to their homes and that is toy storage. Children seem to accumulate “stuff” from the moment they are born, and let’s face it, some are bulky, colourful, and plastic. Not what you want all over your home 24/7. While, of course, a family home is always going to have some form of chaos and toys on the floor, when it comes to the evening and a bit of adult time, it is nice to know that everything can be put away and has its place. 

However, toy storage is one of those things that can be difficult. Whether you prefer to have them all in your child’s bedroom, like to have some in living areas, or even have a dedicated playroom, you may be seeking out ideas for toy storage. Especially if you are short on space. So here are some of the easy toy storage ideas that you can try. 

Toy storage ideas for small places

Easy toy storage ideas when you are short on space - little boy turning over wicker basket with plastic toys

Furniture that is also great storage 

When you are short on space, the chances are your priority is having the right sort of furniture in the room. Coffee tables in living rooms, tables, etc. But why not find furniture that will double up as storage? For example, you can buy coffee tables with hidden drawers or table tops that lift to reveal storage. Drawers are great for storage, and even ottomanser that can be used as seats in the bedroom can also be great options for toy storage. 

Baskets are great storage but look great

If you are short on space then a basket can always be a great option to consider. You can store baskets under end tables or coffee tables in living rooms, or use baskets to fill corners of rooms where you wouldn’t usually be able to utilise the space. You can just place all of the toys into the baskets at the end of the day and everything is all tidy. A quick and easy option for toy storage. 

Plastic stacking tubs

If you have a dedicated area for toys such as a playroom or a large cupboard, then plastic stacking tubs can work out as a great way to utilise the full space. You can stack them as high as is needed and also label the tubs so that you know exactly where everything goes. You can get plastic stacking tubs in various different sizes and they can work very well to keep things neat, especially if you are using cupboards or wardrobes for toy storage.

Easy toy storage ideas when you are short on space

Use hidden spaces in your home 

We all have those hidden spaces in our homes. The ones that are behind the sofa, under the sofa, under cupboards, and especially under the bed. Why not use these areas to store things away when you don’t need them? You can buy baskets or plastic boxes in different sizes that would work well with whatever space that you have. Slide them under the sofa or bed at the end of the day and everything is neat and tidy. This is often unused space so could prove very useful when looking for different toy storage options. 

Shoe storage can be a great toy storage 

We have all seen those hanging shoe storage containers that can sit on the door or within cupboards. Instead of using them for shoes, why not use them for toys instead? You can have pouches dedicated to dolls, accessories, different toys, and even teddies. They can all sit neatly in their little container and because they are off the floor and using space you wouldn’t normally use, they can be a huge space saver to keep things tidy in your home. 

Things you can stick to the wall

The walls are often reserved to display pictures and artwork, but in a kid’s bedroom, you could use the wall as a place to store toys. You can buy tubs that can be screwed to the wall that could become toy storage for things like teddies and dolls. Even cars and tracks that your children might play with often. Keeping them at a low level means your children can easily access them. This is also a good option for shelves and you can store books really easily in corners that often may not be used in the bedroom.

Wall space over the bed is often the best place to put shelves. Just make sure that shelves are securely installed so that there’s no risk of them falling – especially if they’re going to be carrying books or toys. Twin slot shelving is a strong and reliable option. 

Easy toy storage ideas when you are short on space

Beds with built-in storage

There are many children’s beds that you can buy that have built-in storage underneath. This includes ottoman bed frames with huge amounts of storage underneath or lower beds with drawers beneath. If you’ve been thinking about getting the kids a new bed and their bedroom is currently bursting with toys, it could be a good time to look for a bed with storage to help contain bedroom clutter. 

Portable toy caddies 

Another great option is to consider a portable toy caddy. This is often something that you can use to store different types of toys and then it can be wheeled around to different rooms and then stored somewhere completely different when it is not needed. A toy caddy can be a convenient way to move toys around your home so that you can keep certain areas tidy if you plan on having guests visiting. Plus you may have space to store things in rooms that wouldn’t normally be used for toys, such as a utility area or kitchen. You can then wheel it out when it is needed. 

Make more of your understairs storage 

Many of us will have a cupboard under the stairs, so why not utilise this space for toy storage? If you already have a built-in cupboard then using stacking tubs or baskets can be an effective way to store toys when they are not needed. There is usually space under the stairs that is underused and speaking with a local joiner, you could have that area cutaway and drawers fitted instead. This uses the space really well and can be an excellent way to store toys when you are short on space. 

Toy hammocks

Finally, using toy hammocks is another great way to store toys in the air and out of the way which uses space you do have without it infringing on the floor. A toy hammock is perfect if your little one has a lot of teddy bears, pillars, or soft toys that they like to play with still. You can easily put them all away when they are not needed and they can even be a lovely decorative feature in a kid’s bedroom. 

Hopefully, these toy storage ideas will help you keep your home tidy when you are short on space.

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