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Leapfrog | Mr. Pencil’s Alphabet Backpack

July 5, 2019

This is a gifted partnership with Leapfrog

Last month we received the welcome news that Piglet will be starting preschool in September. A long-awaited move from her current day nursery into a school and educational environment. That being said, her day nursery has been wonderful at encouraging her with letters, numbers and shapes. Each term they have had a focus topic with the most recent one being numbers. As she prepares for preschool we have started to look at the ways in which we can help her at home.

Piglet has very much a hands-on learning style so we like to try to select things that will allow her to learn through play rather than being too structured and possibly causing her to become bored or frustrated when she isn’t able to complete an activity. We have found that Leapfrog offers a wide range of educational yet fun activity toys for preschoolers. With Piglet recently receiving the Leapfrog Mr Pencil’s Alphabet Backpack to help her with her letter sounds, recognition and creation.

Mr Pencil’s Alphabet Backpack from Leapfrog

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Go on an adventure and learn the letters of the alphabet and how to write them with Mr. Pencil. Close the backpack for learning and playtime on the go!


Mr Pencil’s alphabet backpack offers seven different activities. Allowing children the opportunity to work through a range of activities or focus on one area. Giving them the fun of learning through play.

  • Letter Zoo – Press a letter piece into its puzzle spot to hear the letter name, letter sound and an animal that begins with that letter.
  • Meet The Letters – Listen to the letter names, then try to find them in this silly game.
  • Mystery Word – Listen to the letter sounds, then try to find the correct letters. Fill in the blacks to sound out the mystery word.
  • Uppercase Letters – Follow the animations to learn how to write uppercase letters using the stylus pencil and writing board.
  • Lowercase Letters – Follow the animations to learn how to write lowercase letters using the stylus pencil and writing board.
  • Letter Animals – Follow the animations to learn how to turn letters into animals using the stylus pencil and writing board.
  • Music – Press a letter piece into its puzzle spot to hear the letter parade song.
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  • The Alphabet
  • Spelling
  • Phonics
  • Art & Drawing
  • Animals
  • Writing

Where can you buy the Leapfrog Mr Pencil’s Alphabet Backpack?

The Leapfrog Mr Pencil’s Alphabet Backpack is available to buy from Amazon and all other good toy retailers.

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Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

One of the things that I love about Leapfrog toys is their ability to grow with the child that is utilising the toy. The Mr Pencil’s Alphabet Backpack, for example, has seven different activities for Piglet to utilise. However, at age three and a half, she is not educationally ready to make the most of some of these activities – although she still loves to try to interact with them. Activities such as the ‘mystery word’ will become more relevant to her as she makes her way through preschool and even into reception class.

From Piglet’s perspective, she has been loving the portability of the backpack. Popping it on and carrying it around the house, taking it in the car and even out to restaurants when we have been out for the day. The ability to have it all contained with the click close backpack means that fun is just a click away. With the Mr Pencil stylus is attached to the backpack on a string so no worries about that going astray on the many travels.

Overall, it’s a fun, interactive learning toy. One that will be utilised time and time again, learning through play listening to letter sounds, letter forming on the drawing pad and even some funky songs too.

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