Why You Should Visit Italy in Your Lifetime

July 6, 2019

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The holidays are fast approaching, and if you have not yet decided on the next place to visit, it is a good time to start planning. There are many tourist destinations around the world, but Italy is one of a kind. Though it is a small boot-looking country, a visit to Italy is sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience. The strength of the culture of Italians, artistic impressions, magnificent scenery, and brilliant beaches will lure your feelings.

Still wondering why you should visit Italy in your lifetime? Below are the five reasons that will help give you an idea of what to expect:

A castle like building in a city

1) Architectural Designs

Closely related to its rich history are the architectural drawings in Italy. Many impressive cities are full of artistic impressions. Florence is one of the undisputed landmarks in the country. Travelling across the country, from Venice to Rome and other areas give exposure to a myriad of art masterpieces. Churches, palaces, and sculptures that will make your travel thrilling are all over. Aerial photographs for these designs will lure you into seeking to see the reality

2) History and Beauty

Having existed for many years, Italy boasts of a rich historical heritage. Could be, you only heard of Bronze Age in history books. Venice gives you traces of these historical periods. Many towns contain imprints of the renowned ancient empire and the Renaissance periods. If you love historic scenery and artefacts, then Italy is the ideal place for you. Italy provides a perfect blend of the old and current trends in all facets of life.

3) Food and Festivals

Italy prides itself in its ability to make over 300 noodles. Imagine the experience of having to taste all these! Many people visit Italy to eat noodles. The Antipasti made in this country is one of its kinds. From one region of the country to another, you will enjoy different types of antipasti.

Other than the national holidays, there are many other festivals to enjoy in Italy. There are food fairs that concentrate on a particular dish or ingredient. Different festivals call for various dishes in Italy. You cannot ignore the saga of the mushroom or that of the asparagus.

A long bridge over a body of water

4) Mountain Hikes

If you are not into hiking, in Italy, it is easy to do so. There are many mountains, which provide an opportunity for mountain hikes. You cannot ignore the craggy peaks of the Dolomites. These are likely to give an experience of a lifetime whether you visit in summer or winter. Val d’Orciarolling hills are among the areas you cannot avoid.

5) Natural Scenery

Italy has some of the best scenes for anyone who has a love for nature. Presence of diverse natural landscapes and stunning beaches makes it stand out. There are high mountain peaks that draw tourists all winter (think of Piedmont). You would never fail to look for rolling hills (Tuscany), lakes, and Roman cities in Italy. Memories of a visit to Italy are unforgettable. Remember to pack a quality camera because you do not want to throw these memories away.

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