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Solar Buddies making it easy for children to apply suncream

July 4, 2019

This post is in partnership with Solar Buddies

Whilst I can understand the rationale behind most of the rules and regulations that are now in place for our children at school. There are a few that I question whether we are becoming too much of a ‘hands-off society’. Especially when I think of how many children have headlice due to not being checked regularly by school nurses (or the ‘nit nurse’ as she was fondly referred to in my time at school). Not to mention the cost of the lotions and potions available on the market to ‘treat’ these infestations (shudders at the very word).

However, it is the summer season that makes me very much aware that our children are at risk whilst at school. That simple act of going out to complete a PE lesson on the school field or heading outdoors for a lesson. Not to mention the fun and laughter they have during break time and the lunch session. But children need to be outside I can hear you all thinking. Yes, they do, however, as teachers and assistants are no longer allowed to apply suncream to children, parents are advised to do this before school. Which is great, but suncream needs to be reapplied regularly and this can be difficult for children to do from a regular suncream bottle or spray.

This is where Solar Buddies comes into relieve the worry from parents and makes apply suncream fun and easy for little hands.

Solar Buddies

The easy, mess free and best way to apply suncream and lotion for children and babies. Great for use in schools and nurseries for adults and kids.

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How to use the Solar Buddies Suncream applicator

When it comes to using the Solar Buddies suncream applicator it is really straightforward and something that can be completed within in minutes – even if you are using it for the first time.

  1. Remove from the box and unscrew the applicator
  2. Squeeze in your suncream of choice – it’s recommended that you use one that is medium to a thick consistency (to prevent leakage). Plus always use one with the highest UVA & UVB star rating
  3. Screw the applicator back together and remove the protective cover (pink or blue)
  4. Apply suncream to the desired body part by rubbing along the skin. The rollerball applicator adds the suncream to your skin whilst the soft sponge will ensure that its spread out and gives you a good coverage
  5. Reapply throughout the day depending on the guidelines from your suncream – although every two hours is about right.
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The Melanoma Fund’s top 5 sun protection tips for sport

Whether you are preparing for sports day, family sports in the garden or in the park. Or organised sports that your child attends, it is important to ensure that they are protected from the sun as will as hydrated. Take a look at these sun protection tips from the Melanoma Fund.

  1. Arrive prepared for a day in the sun with SPF30+ sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat (even if it is raining in the morning!)
  2. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before commencing outdoor activity to ensure it is effective.
  3. Hydrate regularly, and reapply sunscreen every two hours, using a sunscreen applicator to avoid a greasy grip.
  4. Use a chubby sunblock stick to protect lips, nose and ears, which are all prone to burning.
  5. Check skin every month or so and if you spot any changes, visit your GP immediately.

Top tip: Try to purchase a coloured suncream that fades to clear once applied. Not only will this ensure that you have the best possible coverage as you’ll be able to see any missed areas. But it also makes it a little more fun for the children who think that they are painting themselves, or you if they are practising their application technique.

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Our thoughts of the solar Buddies suncream applicator

The Solar Buddies suncream applicator is so easy to set up ready for the children to utilise at school and nursery, or even around the home when we are enjoying fun-filled days in the garden. The pop-off cap and large grip mean that they are able to hold the applicator easily to rub against their skin. Covering their arms, legs, necks and faces with ease.

Although I had been utilising the Solar Buddies suncream applicator for a week or two. Our trip to Paultons Park at the weekend was the first that What The Dad Said had seen it in action. He was really impressed with just how easy it is to use for the whole family*. The kids were able to apply their own whilst we were getting the pushchair set up, picnic out etc. Which gave us those all-important additional minutes to make the most of a family day out.

* Please note that it is recommended that the Solar Buddies applicator shouldn’t be shared for hygiene reasons – I have ordered additional applicators.

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