An apple sitting on top of a wooden table

Just three days to become THAT mum

September 7, 2016

Here we are at the start of a new school year. The children have been back at school just three days. And it has taken me just three days to become THAT mum in Tigger’s class. THAT mum who is already complaining.

One of the goals we have set Tigger this term is to make sure that he is eating his snack and all of his packed lunch. If he achieves this he will be rewarded at the end of the week with a little treat. Those of you who are regular readers will understand that Tigger is a fussy eater and getting him to eat can be a battle and I’m not against a little bribery in order to get him to eat regularly.

As Tigger came out of school on Monday I ask if he had eaten his snack (we always send an apple or a banana extra in his lunch bag in case he doesn’t like what is available from the school selection). He told me that there was no snack time today and that no fruit was available in class. 

Tuesday morning, I introduced myself to his teacher and asked about snack time. She apologised that no fruit had been sent down to the class yesterday and that she hoped that everything would be in order today. I explained that Tigger is a fussy eater and that he has fruit available in his lunch bag should he not like what is available on any given day. 

Tuesday after school pick up, and Tigger informs me that there was again no snack time. I’m starting to get annoyed now as Roo informs me that her class has had snack time both days with fresh fruit delivered to the classroom.


An apple sitting on top of a wooden table

This morning, I attempted to speak with the teacher again, however, she was busy with another parent so decided I’d leave it and hope that the kinks to the new school year had ironed out. As I collected Tigger this afternoon, Roo had come out first so was waiting with me as he came out of his classroom. ‘Mum, you know that Tigger didn’t get snack time again today, I asked him at lunchtime’ Roo explained.

My annoyance reached boiling point. Asking to speak with one of the teaching assistants I asked why there had not been snack time for the third day running. She apologised and explained that no fruit had been delivered but she would speak with the class teacher and make sure everything would be sorted for the morning. Explaining that this wasn’t good enough. Other classes within the school were getting their snack time and ‘not to be that parent’ I said Tigger is a tiny little thing, I need him to eat regularly that is why we pack extra fruit in his bag to make sure he has something available. If no snack time happens tomorrow I will be taking this further as I am not happy in the slightest.

Needless to say, I have now been noted down as THAT mum but I don’t care. Tigger is a tiny slip of a boy who does need to be eating regularly.

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