Just a growth spurt?

April 27, 2012

Since before Christmas Tigger has been unsettled at night. Generally waking between 10-11pm then again at 2-3am. Usually we can settle him and he goes back off. Sometimes this has meant him coming into bed with us until he settles and then transferred back to his cot. Occasionally he has had another bottle, settled and placed back in his cot.

However, for the last week he is waking up screaming and I mean SCREAMING. Arching his back, throwing himself backwards and screaming the home down. After changing his nappy, cuddles and/or playtime sometimes he will settle but not last night last. Last night was just awful…

He had his usual bedtime feed of 8oz formula (yes I’m still using formula as he won’t drink cow’s milk) at 7.25pm, then off to bed. He woke screaming at 11.15pm, I tried to comfort and cuddle him but he was not having any of it. So I took him downstairs, changed his nappy and decided to give him another bottle thinking he might drink a little… no, he drank the whole 8oz! Bless him I thought he must have still been hungry. Back to bed.

I woke at 3.00am to more screaming, Mr Boo took him downstairs but he was so upset that I went down, picked him up and although he seemed to settle for a few moments started crying again. Mr Boo got me another 8oz bottle and low and behold he drained that one too. I really couldn’t believe that he was waking due to being so hungry, but as he had taken the whole bottle and not been sick he must have needed it. Back to bed.

Tigger woke again around 5am but thankfully not screaming, just his usual stirring so I put him in bed with us until we got up at 7am. After the morning routine of nappy change etc. I offered him his morning bottle and once again drained the 8oz. Meaning that in 12 hours he had drunk 32oz of milk, surely this cannot be normal.

Is his just having a growth spurt? I know he hasn’t been very well over the last two months, so hasn’t had much of an appetite and has lost weight… Is this him making up for lost time?

Boo xxx

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