Jumping the wrong way

March 27, 2013
If I jumped off a cliff I’d jump the wrong way!

Do you ever have those days, weeks, months where no matter what you do it is wrong? I’m having one of those weeks. 

Nothing seems to be going right at the moment…


Work just annoying the hell out of me. Why senior management feel they can over-rule us despite our concerns is beyond me. Maybe it’s about time they spent a week or two at grassroots to see what it is really like they might have a change of heart.


Monday saw Tigger and I having our first real falling out, picture the scene… In Tesco’s pushing trolley, Tigger walking or should I say running off. So I warned him several times to stop or he would go in the trolley, obviously fell on deaf ears. In the trolley he went with a full on temper tantrum, red face and screaming (when I say screaming I mean high pitch screaming). Cue everyone looking at me and my stress levels raising by the second. After a few minutes of still screaming I snapped, I became ‘that mother’… I screamed and shouted look I can scream too (yes that’s right in the middle of Tesco’s I screamed!). Tigger stopped screaming for a few seconds trying to process my crazy behaviour before reinstating his screams. Not my finest moment.


Easter holidays start today, 18 days off school for Roo. Mr Boo has had to juggle his days off as I am unable to get anytime off as my job share is on annual leave. This means that he is working all over Easter in order to have two week days off, even with him doing this we are still one day short. I now have to plan on which friend I can ‘dump’ her onto for the day. Thankfully Tigger’s nursery only closes for the bank holidays and will be open again next week, other wise I have no idea what we would do.


We are trying to get some work done, starting with the bedrooms. Plasterer has given us one date and now the carpenter can’t do it so trying to juggle them and fit it around when someone will be home is so much hassle.


After selling Mr Boo’s car 10 days ago we now only have the family car (my car) left. Mr Boo needs this to get to work so I am left to walk… everywhere. On Friday I decided to put my pedometer on to see how much I am walking. I put it on as I left the house to drop Tigger at nursery and took it off after work, collecting Roo from school and Tigger from nursery… 12,356 steps… 5 miles! My feet are killing me, it’s freezing cold and so incredibly windy, I want my car back!


I’m not sure what I’m doing anymore, I need to get back to the days when I knew no-one was reading and write about whatever I wanted. I seem to spent half my time thinking ‘oh better not write that as I don’t want to deal with the backlash’. Why can’t I write about the things that I believe in, annoy me, press my buttons etc? Maybe I should start an anonymous blog instead to rant and rave on.

I just feel so hassled at the moment, I’m annoyed all the time but can’t pinpoint my annoyance to one particular thing. I hope I snap out of this soon, or it’s going to be a long year.

Boo xxx

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