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February 14, 2014

Today has been one of those days that I wished I’d turned over, pulled the duvet up around my neck and stayed in bed. Unfortunately that silly thing called life got in the way and forced me out of my utopia.

My day started with getting Tigger out of bed to find that he felt a little warm, a quite check on the thermometer showed his temperature at 39.8C, why does this always happen on the days I’m due at work. A dose of Calpol dropped his temperature down to 38.1C so I decided to take my chances and drop him at pre-school and await a call to collect him later in the day. Unfortunately it fairs better on me with work if I at least show my face and get called away rather than the ‘sorry I can’t come in today as my child is sick’. Feeling like a bad mother I turned to my Facebook friends who thankfully offered me some reassurance that they have all done a similar thing.

After dropping Roo and Tigger at school I needed to drop the car off for a diagnostic test. Last week we finally managed to get the clutch fixed at a cost of £459! (ruddy cars!), however when the garage ran to say it was ready they informed me that I had no dashboard lights. When they had collected the car I thought the battery was flat as it had sat outside the house for over three weeks whilst we saved the money needed to fix it. Anyway long story short, an auto electrician thought that our fusebox had gone and we needed to take it to the main dealer. Just as I’m about to leave work I get the call to say they have ran the diagnostic test and have found extensive electrical faults and they can’t confirm that they care because of a faulty fusebox. They would need to trace back all the faults taking at least 5 hours at £90 per hour! After that if it does turn out to be the fusebox that will cost an additional £495! to fix. Needless to say I said no and I’d collect the car tomorrow (oh and I cried!).

Then the school run happened… In the rain… Lots of rain… So much so that I was so wet that even my knickers were wet. Having collected the children and told that Tigger had felt a little hot this afternoon I decided to call into the doctors on the way home to get an appointment for him. Whilst I managed to get an appointment it wasn’t for over an hour so time to head back out into the rain and head home to dry off (well at least for the time being).

After drying off I decided to take a taxi back to the doctors. I know I have said it before but I am ever so lucky with my GP practice in that we have some wonderful doctors that really are approachable and caring. Anyway a quick check over and Tigger has another ear infection, so a course of antibiotics again.

So after a discussion with Mr Boo we have decided to scrap our beloved car, we’ve had it for five years and had so many adventures in that car but alas we have to say farewell 🙁

Oh what a day!

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