Fun Indoor Group Activities For Teenagers

Fun Indoor Group Activities For Teenagers

September 21, 2023

Teenagers today are more connected than ever, but that doesn’t mean they always know what to do with their free time. With so much of their lives spent online, it’s no surprise that many teenagers are looking for fun and engaging ways to spend time with their friends in person. Fortunately, there are plenty of indoor group activities that are perfect for teenagers looking to have a good time.

From games and puzzles to creative projects and challenges, there’s something for everyone. Whether your goal is to build teamwork and problem-solving skills or simply to have a good time with friends, these indoor group activities are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So, grab a group of friends and get ready to have some fun!

Play A Team Sport As A Group For Some Friendly Competition

Whether it’s soccer, volleyball, football, or any other team sport, your entire group will have a blast competing against each other. Most churches have facilities for team-building activities already – like either an inside or outside basketball court or an old volleyball net that just needs to be set up. But if your church doesn’t have the facilities, head to your local park or high school and borrow theirs. Just make sure that it’s not during a time when it’ll be in use by a real team with real team members. The only equipment you’ll need is the appropriate ball for whichever sport you’re playing.

Fun Indoor Group Activities For Teenagers

Make It A Board Game Night With Some Fun Games

Dig into your board game stash and bring them along to your teen game night! Some favourites are Cranium, Scrabble, and Twister. You can set up several youth group games at once or just play one good game as a group. Card games are a big hit with youth groups as well. Check the internet for all the fun party games you can play with just a deck of cards. And even if you don’t have board games or a deck of cards, try playing games like Charades.

Solve A Mystery Puzzle With Your Friends

Playing murder mystery games is one of the best ways to interact with each other. You can find a variety of ideas and gaming kits that come along with the specific murder mystery game theme you choose. 

Watch An Inspirational Flick With Your Best Friends

Hosting a DVD night for a group is another free group activity that you can enjoy together. If you have a pretty extensive DVD collection, you can screen one of your favourites (make sure it’s PG and appropriate for your group). If you don’t see any good options in your collection, ask friends or even your youth for a good movie that the whole group can watch.

Host a ‘Bring Your Own Food’ party

You can host a party without spending any money by simply asking each group member to bring ice cream or a snack. This can be anything from a bag of chips, soda, or homemade brownies. Teenagers and food always make for a good time. Add in some fun activities and games and you’ve got an instant party!

Fun Indoor Group Activities For Teenagers

Volunteer At Your Local Soup Kitchen As A Youth Group

What could be better than lending a helping hand to a local soup kitchen and spending quality time as a youth group? Call up non-profits in your area to find out if there is something your teen can do to help out. Whether it’s serving food at a soup kitchen, babysitting kids at a homeless shelter, or reading to kids at an elementary school your teen will walk away from the experience having had a fun time and feeling great about themselves.

Group Activities For Teenagers To Build Communication

Help teenagers build strong communication skills through partner or group activities and easy games. Use icebreakers that promote social interaction through communication at the beginning of an event, like at the start of school or the beginning of a conference, to allow teens to mingle and learn more about one another. Plan different communication activities based on your group size.

Partners Are A Good Idea

Most teenagers don’t like to do things alone, but would rather work with a partner, especially when the activity is something new. When planning activities to build communication, first demonstrate how the activity is performed successfully using an adult volunteer.

By having the teens watch how the activity goes first, the group is more likely to participate and learn from the experience if everyone knows what to do. In activities like “Spider’s Web,” tape yarn or string around a room in different locations and at different heights, creating a spider web. Divide students into partners and blindfold one person in each group. Have each duo navigate through the spider web by giving each other commands until each team of teens travels from one end of the web to the other.

Fun Indoor Group Activities For Teenagers

Fun Things To Do With Small Groups

To build communication among teens, divide participants into smaller groups randomly of three or four teens per group. Teens who don’t know or aren’t too familiar with one another and are assigned to work together will need to talk and share to complete the task at hand.

Give each group two 2-by-4 pieces of wood, or wooden planks. In “Walk the Plank,” each team member stands on the same piece of wood. The object of the task is to get from one side of a large room to another, without stepping off a board. Teams must pass boards over each other and get to the finish line first. This great game promotes communication, and coordination and encourages teamwork.

Great Ideas For Mid-Size Groups

Teens, for the most part, like to express themselves whether through fashion, art, or speech. Let your mid-size group of teens show off their creativity by decorating a garbage can. Give each group a clean trash can, paint, brushes, and stencils. Allow each group of older kids to decorate the exterior of their trash can. Tell the group they must decide on a theme before decorating. This activity encourages teamwork and communication while allowing teens to express themselves through art.

Favourite Games For Large Groups

Finding a creative game that promotes and encourages communication when working with a large group of 15 or more teens can be challenging. A simple game and a team-building activity can be planned ahead of time by creating a list of things that teens must find answers to by talking and sharing.

Each person is given the same list that may include topics about siblings, birthplaces, family vacations, and names. One topic may be, “Find someone who has twins in their family.” At this point, each participant must talk to different members of the group to find someone who has twins in their family. They must continue to find answers to each topic until they have a different name next to each topic. The list of questions should consist of up to 30 different topics.

Fun Indoor Group Activities For Teenagers

Fun Indoor Games And Activities For Kids Of All Ages

Indoor teen activities might encourage team-building, use dramatic play as a form of entertainment, or help children learn. Whatever the common goal is for the event, spending time indoors playing together and engaging in group activities encourages learning and building memories.

Team-Building Activities Are Fun Indoor Activities

Activities that require people to work together encourage them to come together as a team. Try dividing the players into two teams, giving each a collection of supplies and the goal of building the tallest possible structure in the shortest possible time. Another way to encourage team building is to stretch a rope five feet in the air and give the instruction to get everyone over the rope as if it were an electric fence. Team builders encourage groups to think together to solve a problem.

Mind Benders Are A Great Way For Some Indoor Fun

Gather your teens together for a trivia classic game. Divide the group into two teams and have them demonstrate their knowledge by asking each team trivia questions and setting a time limit for some added excitement. Or try a group story. Start them off with a sentence or two and let each member of the group add his twist, one at a time.

Dramatics Is A Unique Way To Spend The Day

Let the older children divide into small groups and instruct them to come up with a skit to share at the end of the evening. Reenacting historical events is another dramatic way for a youth group to spend an evening and learn at the same time. Try a game of charades to get the whole group playing at the same time.

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