Best Family New Year’s Movies

December 4, 2023

From classics to contemporary favourites, we’ve compiled a list of the best family New Year’s movies to enjoy with your whole family. So, grab some popcorn and get ready for a movie night filled with laughter, love, and the spirit of the season.

12 Christmas Movies Perfect for family film night

November 21, 2023

A family film night might be part of your usual family routine anyway, so a festive treat could be on the cards during the weeks leading up to Christmas. However, with so many Christmas movies to choose from, which ones should you add to the list? With that in mind here are some of the Christmas movies perfect for a family film night. 

Best Christmas Movies For Teens

November 1, 2023

There’s no better way to amp up the holiday spirit than by diving into a list of the best Christmas movies of all time. This is not just about kids’ Christmas movies; we’re talking about a range of films that will appeal to older kids and teens. So, gather your entire family for a Christmas movie marathon that will offer you more than just holiday cheer!

Halloween Movie Night Ideas

October 20, 2023

Halloween night is the perfect time to gather your loved ones for a thrilling and entertaining family movie night. Whether you’re celebrating with the little kids or a group of friends, there’s no better way to get into the Halloween spirit than by watching your favourite Halloween movies.

Best Family Thanksgiving Movies

October 16, 2023

The entire family can gather around the television after sharing a big feast and watch one of these Thanksgiving film greats. Here’s a great list of the best Thanksgiving movies that you can enjoy with your family, and yes, there are options for everyone, from little kids to older kids and even for those who prefer a bit of dysfunctional family drama.

Halloween Movies For Teens

October 9, 2023

From family comical-fantasy classics to teenage horror, the following list of Halloween movies are iconic films perfect for a Halloween movie marathon and suited to a wide range of tastes. But they also happen to provide great movie entertainment for the rest of the year.

Best 90s Halloween Movies: A Must-See List

October 4, 2023

Here are the best 90s Halloween movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat and looking over your shoulder all night that you will be too scared to go to bed. Of course, all my picks are movies that are meant to be watched after the kids are tucked away in bed. You sure don’t want them to be up scared all night.

Fun Indoor Group Activities For Teenagers

September 21, 2023

From games and puzzles to creative projects and challenges, there’s something for everyone. Whether your goal is to build teamwork and problem-solving skills or simply to have a good time with friends, these indoor group activities are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So, grab a group of friends and get ready to have some fun!

How To Organise The Ultimate Night In As A Family

June 29, 2023

It is always nice to consider having a night in with the family when you have a busy week at work. School, nursery, jobs and careers, the thing we don’t often realise is that they all take their toll on feelings and energy levels. This often means the weekends are there to recuperate and rest, leaving you very little time to enjoy each other’s company. Not everyone has busy social lives and play dates to get to, so it might be the ideal opportunity to enjoy a night together.

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