educational board games with your kids

Benefits of educational board games with your kids

March 16, 2022

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Before you tell your kids to take a break from TV and computer screens, make sure your closet is stocked with alternatives like fun and educational board games. Today’s educational board games cover a wide range of interests and will appeal to many different ages of kids. There are games that help with specific skills like math or reading, but any board game will also teach valuable lessons about taking turns, following rules and losing (or winning) graciously.

Try some of the following fun and educational board games with your kids. You will build skills, have fun and bond together as a family.

Fun and educational board games to play with your kids

educational board games with your kids - boggle
Boggle game text blocks in random order.


School-aged kids and adults alike will have fun racing to find the most words in this classic word game. Boggle comes with a special covered tray, letter cubes and a timer. Set up is quick. Simply put the letter cubes inside the covered tray, then flip and shake until each cube settles into its own spot. Remove the cover, start the timer and begin searching for ways to string adjacent letters into words. A Boggle Jr. edition is also available for younger kids.


This simple strategy game is quick to learn but difficult to master. Players each have a set of flat pieces made up of various combinations of squares. The object of Blokus is to place all of your pieces on the board. However, your pieces must touch each other at a corner and never touch along their sides. Kids develop spatial and planning skills while trying to find space for their own pieces while blocking other players from making winning moves. A second edition, Blokus Trigon, takes the play in a new direction with triangle-based shapes.


Quirkle certainly ranks among the best fun and educational board games. For kids, Quirkle is an ideal logic game as it relies on pattern matching with shapes and colours. Yet this pattern matching game is challenging for players of all ages, including adults. This makes it a perfect choice for a family game night with players of different ages. As with other strategy games, the rules are easy to learn, but players will improve their skills with repeat games.

educational board games with your kids - scrabble


When it comes to fun and educational board games, the world’s most well-known word game is still one of the best. Players draw letter tiles from a bag and take turns playing words crosswise on a special Scrabble board. A good vocabulary helps players succeed, but strategy also comes into play. Placing words on bonus spaces will quickly rack up a high score and building in certain directions may make it harder for your opponents to place their words. There are many special editions of Scrabble, including a junior edition for younger players.

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