If all the bees died

Picking Tigger up from school each day I’m never quite sure whether I’ll be greeted by the grumpy, tired little boy who just wants to get home, chill out and eat his tea or the bright, bubbly little boy who is desperate to tell me about his day and what his has learned.

As I picked Tigger up from school yesterday it was a bright and bubbly day. We held hands as we walked out of school whilst Roo pushed Piglet along in her pushchair. Whilst we walked to the play park, he looked at me and said…

If a bee stings you it dies – a look of sadness filled his face

Oh that’s sad – I replied, wondering where the conversation was going

If all the bees died, we’d have no honey – he replied

Oh no, what would we do without honey? – I asked, thinking that he doesn’t even like honey

It’s OK, there would still be jam – he replied (which he still doesn’t eat)


He comes out with the most random things but they do make me smile, I can only guess what they were learning about today in school.


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