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Funky Moves {The Ordinary Moments}

April 8, 2017

The school run is one those chores that have to be completed. Come rain, hail or shine that trip to and from school can be filled with so many emotions. From Monday morning grumps to hump day highs (the weekend is in sight!).

Up until last year, I guess I never really appreciated the school run,  Hurrying everyone into the car, finding a car parking space and dashing through the gates so that I wasn’t late for work. With the return just as fraught as I collect Tigger, grab some shopping before returning once again to collect Roo from one of her after school clubs. Then dashing home for tea and homework.

Family life has changed. I no longer have to dash off to work in a morning. I no longer have to bundle everyone into a car and mutter under my breath about how other parents park wherever they like just to get a few metres closer to the school.

Nowadays, I can casually stroll out the back gate at 8.25am, take the short walk to the school and still arrive before the doors have been opened at 8.30am.

This does not mean that the school run is blissful and carefree. We have just found another way to complete the necessary chore with less stress. To make it more interesting we have added something onto our school run…

Funky Moves

A person standing in front of a building

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After a day at school, they are tired, hungry and keen to throw off their uniforms and chill. However, before they are able to get into the house I make us all show off our funky moves.

Most days they are willing and have even prepared what their funky move will be that day. However, there are days when they do not what to play ball. So I stand there with my keys in my hand and refuse to let them in until I see some funky moves. Finally, they wiggle, twist or stomp so that I will open the door.

It might be silly. It might be pointless but it brings a smile to our faces.

  • RachelSwirl April 9, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    LOL I am sooo stealing the funky moves thing, this is awesome!

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