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Blogging 101 | How to Stay Organised as a Blogger

May 12, 2020

With workloads slowing down due to the pandemic and many brands pulling out of deals, it’s time for bloggers to spend some time organising their blogging world. There are many variations of the tips I’m sharing today, but for the most part, you’ll enjoy learning how to stay organised as a blogger so that you can get more traffic, land more deals, and in turn, build your revenue even when everything else comes crashing down. 

Now that you have some extra time, it’s important that you find new ways to stay active in your blogging profession. One of the best ways to stay active as a blogger during hard times is to organise your daily activities, and your blog. Below are some tips to help you stay organised as a blogger for maximum success. 

Create an Editorial Calendar

I know this is a difficult concept for many but you should have an editorial calendar. This is an excellent tool to stay organised with content ideas as well as to make sure that you’re staying up to date with the latest national holidays. You can find a list of national holidays online and input them into your calendar so that you can plan blog content around these holidays for more traffic. 

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Establish Deadlines

Start treating your blogging life as an actual career by setting deadlines. The best way to start hustling as a blogger is to establish deadlines. These deadlines will be set for particular content, social media shares, and perhaps brand pitches so that you’re able to stay motivated and organised as a blogger. Working within deadlines helps keep your mind focused on getting tasks done rather than putting them off for another day. 

Get Backup Storage

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a fellow blogger lose their entire site due to a hacker or glitch with their hosting account. Losing all of your previous blog posts can be costly and time-consuming, so it’s important that you set up backup storage. This could be using a Dropbox account to store blog posts in the cloud or purchasing a backup plugin or account that automatically creates backups of your entire blog periodically. 

Track Income and Expenses

Since this is your job, rather than a hobby, it’s imperative that you track your blog income and expenses. Blogging can be a pretty lucrative career choice, but you won’t know how much profit you’re making if you’re not tracking it. Utilize a spreadsheet or accounting software program to document your income and expenses so that you can see which areas of blogging are making the most profit and which areas tend to be a waste of your precious time. This will also help keep your blogging career organised for the end of year tax filing. 

Keep Track of Creative Ideas

There have been so many times that I’m in the shower and come up with a brilliant blog post idea. I highly suggest you work to stay organised as a blogger by having an audio recorder, notepad, or even a shower-friendly whiteboard so that you can jot down creative ideas whenever they come to your mind. Combine this task with your editorial calendar and you’ll be seeing much success in blogging in no time. 

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These are just some of the best tips I have to help you stay organised as a blogger. The way I see it is this when times are tough and income is slow it’s important that you do something to keep the momentum going with your blogging career, use these tips to get your motivation up and content organised for long term blogging success today!

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