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Blogging 101 | How to stay on top of your blogging tasks

July 2, 2019

Do you have a blog?

Thinking about starting one?

Being organised is a life changer when it comes to blogging. Whilst from the outside it looks like we just write about a subject and add a couple of images, press publish and that’s all there is to it. In fact, there is so much more that is involved in running a blog. Use these tips in order to help you stay on top of blogging tasks.

How to keep on top of your blogmin tasks

A desktop computer sitting on top of a desk

Be Consistent

When you first start blogging it might not seem important to post on a consistent schedule. While you are building your content, you want to pick how many days a week and what days you plan on posting. As you develop loyal readers, they will be expecting new content on these days. When you are on a schedule, your readers will know to come to your site on these days.

Create a Content Calendar

When you create a content calendar, it helps to know what you are posting on what day. When you just “wing it” when you are blogging, it can be hard to figure out what to write about each day. A content calendar is just a schedule of things you are going to post each day. Once you have decided what you are posting, each day when you start your blogging day, you know exactly what you need to write about.

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Share on Social Media

Once you have written your content, you want to share it on social media. Not all of your readers are going to come to your site daily. When you share your content on social media, your followers see what you are writing. When you share on social media, it also lets people share your writing.

Not only do you want to share what you have written that day on social media, but you also want to share past writing. Each article needs to be shared again over time, for people who might not have seen it shared the first time.


There is a way to make all of these tasks easier. CoSchedule becomes a content calendar, a way to organize tasks, and a simple way to share your posts when it is written. It is also good for sharing past content.

Using CoSchedule lets you make a content calendar right on the site. You can list every article idea you have and on what day you want to share it.

Once the article is written, even if you schedule it to go live on another day, you are able to set up the social media posts to go live then as well. While this can be done using other sites, it normally is after the post has gone live.

CoSchedule, you can set the content to go over and over again. You can set the schedule when you create the post or come back later and set the re-queue in order to always share the material. This is how you can get people coming to your blog often.

When you are organised, it makes blogging easier.

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