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Blogging 101 | 5 Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners

June 30, 2020

Starting your first blog can be an exciting and super anxious time in your life. There’s the hope that you’ll be able to make money blogging and succeed in an industry that’s saturated. You might also feel uncertain about how to develop a business plan to make sure this new path is worth the time invested.

Since so many beginners have a lot of questions, I wanted to share a list of tips that will help you during this beginning stage of blogging.

Create a Mission Statement

A blog without a mission is much like hiking in the dark. You won’t know where you’re going if you have no idea what your morals, goals, and mission in blogging is. Perhaps you have a mission to inspire others, maybe you want to help others in life, or perhaps you have a completely different mission. We all have a reason to start blogging in our chosen niche. Develop a mission statement and have it hung near where you write daily so that you can stay focused on your mission.

Find Your Audience & Listen

As you start to develop content, publish it and release the blog posts out there to your social media channels, you’ll start to find your audience. Once you’ve found your audience, it’s important to listen to them. Build your blog content around what your audience wants to know as well as what keywords are bringing readers to your site. You can find keyword data by installing and using Google Search Console pretty easily. Finding out what your audience wants is as simple as looking at what type of blog posts they click through from social media as well as asking your audience questions.

Blogging 101 | 5 Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners

Write From a Place of Passion

While it is important to get to know your audience, you will find those fabulous readers if you stay true to writing from a place of passion. Always write about topics that are near and dear to your heart. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion, insight, and experiences within each blog post. Writing from a place of passion will resonate with the right audience quicker than writing just to achieve specific traffic number goals.

Build an Email List

It’s not easy to keep up with a newsletter, but you will need to have an email list. Having a blog newsletter or email list of people who’ve opted in to get freebies or learn more about the industry you blog about will matter. Take the time to build an email list with a popup subscriber box, freebie printable for readers who opt into the email list, and make sure you share information that isn’t already shared on your blog in every newsletter you send out.

Have a Call to Action

Lastly, when it comes to being a high-quality blogger who gets engagement and loyal readers, you must have a good call to action! Figured out how to engage your readers with every blog post. This could be a call to action to subscribe to your email list, answer a question, or purchase something. There are many ways to develop a good call to action to help gain more engagement and followers for your blog. Readers enjoy feeling like they’re a valid part of your audience, so give them something to do after reading your blog post.

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At the end of the day, the best tips from blogging experts for beginners is to focus on what you’re passionate about. Remain true to your morals and values as well as your mission statement. The mission state you develop for your blog will be the backbone for your blog. This backbone will help you succeed and continue climbing up with your blog revenue and readership.

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